STA convenes AGM to adhere to Sports Commissioner’s Directive

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The Sabah Tennis Association (STA) held an AGM yesterday to comply with the Sports Commissioner’s (SC) directive.

The earlier AGM held in April was deem void as two districts had attended it before the SC approved their registration.

At the AGM held yesterday the newly registered district of Kota Belud took part.

However Semporna district’s registration is still pending, after complying with all the requirements, as the Sabah state SC is on emergency leave for three months.

STA’s and Semporna’s efforts to get it registered on time did not materialize.

However seven other district affiliates – Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Kudat, Keningau, Lahad Datu, Kota Belud and Labuan – attended the AGM.

According to the earlier AGM in April, yesterday’s AGM approved all the agendas unanimously.

The committee that was elected earlier was maintained except for Semporna’s delegate who was ineligible to be voted.

In his place Kudat delegate was proposed but he declined due to personal reasons and the fifth slot for the committee member is left vacant and will be filled at a later date, hopefully after Semporna’s registration is approved.

All the affiliates proposed to work together to promote tennis more aggressively at schools level but not forgetting the overall picture.

STA president Johnson Koh said; “It was also decided to have a separate inter affiliates tournament only for the juniors with several different categories to be included. This will give more focus on the juniors.”

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