Brazil Olympic Committee hold extraordinary session

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Carlos Nuzman sent his resignation letter as head of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) from prison, where he’s been held since last week amid an investigation into a vote-buying scheme to bring the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janeiro.

The National Olympic Committee on Wednesday designated vice president Paulo Wanderley to replace Nuzman, who had headed the BOC for 22 years.

He will serve the three years remaining on Nuzman’s term.

Wanderley described Nuzman’s resignation as “a relief.”

“As for the personal decision of Carlos Nuzman to resign from his position as president, it was expected since he was already temporarily suspended. It was expected but it was not certain. The personal feelings of our members was to lament but the general feeling of our organization it was relief,”

Nuzman had already been suspended by the International Olympic Committee as an honorary member.

Nuzman’s lawyers went to the Extraordinary General Assembly to read the letter in which he relinquished the chairmanship of the entity.

Carlos Arthur Nuzman has been jailed since 5th October together with his right-hand man, Leonardo Gryner, also arrested in the operation fairplay.






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