AFF U16: Fakhri reminds fans to respect before, during and after game

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Fakhri Hussaini, the head coach of the Indonesian national Under-16 team, has reminded fans to have respect before, during and after the explosive match between the hosts and Malaysia in the semi-finals of the AFF Under-16 Championship later today.

Matches between Indonesia and Malaysia have always been an eagerly and keenly contested affair. And it is no different tomorrow with tickets for the tie at the 35,000 capacity Delta Sidoarjo Stadium likely to be sold out.

“This is football. This advice is for everyone. This game is not for the senior team. But these are young players – aged 15 or 16-years-old or younger,” said Fakhri.

“These players are the future of the respective national teams. They are assets of both Malaysia and Indonesia. And football teaches us the value about life – Fair Play and Respect. Specifically Respect.

The supporters who have been creative in the last few matches have proven that nowhere else in the world, would you get these type of attendances of more than 20,000 fans coming to watch Under-16 games. The supporters have been fabulous.

It is a positive factor for our football.

So I want the fans to remember to respect our opponents, the referees and also the fans of opposing team.

Respect must be before, during and after the match. That is what I want the fans to remember.

I want them to realise that all the positives which they have shown over the last few games could turn into a negative aspect if they fall prey to provocations by a few parties.

Then it is not football any more.

Just make sure that the fans realised that any bad behaviour can result in sanctions by AFC or even worse FIFA.

So I want the game to be held well before, during and after.”



9 Aug 2018 –Semifinals

Both matches at the Delta Sidoarjo Stadium

1530: Thailand vs Myanmar

1900: Indonesia vs Malaysia

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