ASC2018: Sundram demands more tactical discipline

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Laos head coach V. Sundramoorthy will be demanding more tactical discipline from his chargers when they take on Malaysia in their second game of Group A of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 on Monday.

The landlocked nation had opened their campaign this year with a 3-0 loss to a determined Vietnam side although to be fair to the home team, the loss was more due to individual mistakes.

“We were playing against perhaps one of the best teams in the competition and there were reasons behind how we played. It may not be the same against Malaysia but whatever tactical approach that we will adopt, it is important the players minimise mistakes and not lose focus,” explained Sundramoorthy.

“I want them to be competitive in every match they play.”

The match which will be played at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil will be important for different reasons for both teams.

The Malaysians want to pick up their second full points after their win over Cambodia as an important base before the ‘biggie’ against Vietnam in Hanoi.

For, Laos, they are looking towards the future.

Sundramoorthy said the team is being rebuilt with the AFF Suzuki Cup being used as the competitive atmosphere to boost players’ confidence and gain valuable experience which they sorely need.

“We have a young squad and that gives me hope. This tournament is tough but I am looking at the future. At least 50% of them can still at the SEA Games next year,” said Sundramoorthy.

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