Intermediaries paid 2.14bn euros in 2013-18 transfers: FIFA

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Intermediaries acting for clubs in players’ transfers have been paid $2.14 billion (1.88 billion euros) since 2013, FIFA said in a report published on Thursday.

The report revealed that over half of the total amount paid by clubs to intermediaries over the last six years came from just six percent of transfers involving middle men acting for clubs.

Commission paid by the clubs buying the player tended to be higher than the fee paid by the selling club, the report said.

Since 2013, 16,825 of the total 86,212 international transfers involved at least one intermediary.

The involvement of intermediaries in transfers in 2018 dropped dramatically to just 335 deals, most likely because most transfers this year have involved players who were out of contract, the report said.

This year, clubs from England, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain and France were responsible for 83.9 percent of the global spend on commissions paid to intermediaries.

The report did not detail the amounts paid by agents acting for players. – Agence France-Presse

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