High expectations as F4 SEA season reaches halfway mark in Madras

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After four closely contested rounds, the expectations are running sky high this week as the FIA Formula 4 Championship – fueled by Petron – reaches its hallway mark here this week. Adding to the suspense and anticipation is the fact that this F4 SEA Championship will be making its debut at the Madras Motor Sport Circuit here.

“Meritus has raced here in the past and we are familiar with this track but this will be the first time F4 SEA is being staged here. While it will be challenging for the drivers here, we expect the same level of competitiveness and top quality racing witnessed in previous rounds,” said F4 SEA promoter, Peter Thompson.

So far, four rounds – two each in Sepang, Malaysia and Buriram, Thailand – were successfully contested since the season began in early April. Each round featured four races which means the drivers have battled for honours in 16 races. At the end of the week, 20 races would have been staged in a season where 40 races have been scheduled. This is the more than any other F4 Championship in the world this season.

Thompson also commented that the Indian drivers in the series, Yash Aradhya, Arya Singh and Sneha Sharma, would have an advantage as they would be racing at ‘home’. But that alone may not be enough as there’s a bunch of drivers who are eager for success and out to wrest the honours.

Australian driver Josh Smith, whose consistency in mounting the podium in all four races led him to the Event 4 title in Buriram, and Ireland’s Lucca Allen, who claimed two wins at the same race last month, will be the ones to look out for here.

“It was a perfect week for me, I finished in the top two in every race. I’m looking forward to the next round (in Madras),” Smith had said.

Also impressive in the last round and likely to make an impression here this week are Oman’s Shihab Al Habsi, winner of one race in the previous round, and Finland’s rookie driver, Elias Seppanen, who secured three third placings. “I will be stronger in the next round (Madras),” vowed Shihab.

Other drivers who have also impressed in previous rounds include Malthe Jakobsen (Denmark), Alister Yoong (Malaysia), Ali Akabi (Jordan), Muizz Musyaffa (Malaysia) and Emil Skaras (Sweden).

For the record, the Event 1 winner was Hadrian David (France) while Allen was the winner of Event 2 and Event 3.

Fans will be in for a double treat as there will be a second round staged here again next week (July 19-21). After India, the F4 SEA Championship heads back to Sepang, Malaysia for two more rounds (Aug 23-25 and Sept 27-29) before the season’s finale of two more rounds in the Philippines (Nov 15-17 and Nov 22-24).


1 Apr 5-7 Malaysia Sepang 1 to 4
2 Apr 19-21 Malaysia Sepang 5 to 8
3 May 10-12 Thailand Buriram 9 to 12
4 June 14-16 Thailand Buriram 13 to 16
5 July 12-14 India Madras 17 to 20
6 July 19-21 India Madras 21 to 24
7 Aug 23-25 Malaysia Sepang 25 to 28
8 Sept 27-29 Malaysia Sepang 29 to 32
9 Nov 15-17 Philippines Clark 33 to 36
10 Nov 22-24 Philippines Clark 37 to 40


LIST OF WINNERS (Rounds 1 to 4)

1 1 Apr 6 Sepang Hadrian David (FRA)
1 2 Apr 6 Sepang Emil Skaras (SWE)
1 3 Apr 7 Sepang Hadrian David (FRA)
1 4 Apr 7 Sepang Hadrian David (FRA)
2 1 Apr 20 Sepang Lucca Allen (IRL)
2 2 Apr 20 Sepang Elias Seppanen (FIN)
2 3 Apr 21 Sepang Lucca Allen (IRL)
2 4 Apr 21 Sepang Josh Smith (AUS)
3 1 May 10 Buriram Shihab Al Habsi (OMA)
3 2 May 11 Buriram Lucca Allen (IRL)
3 3 May 11 Buriram Shihab Al Habsi (OMA)
3 4 May 12 Buriram Lucca Allen (IRL)
4 1 June 14 Buriram Lucca Allen (IRL)
4 2 June 14 Buriram Josh Smith (AUS)
4 3 June 15 Buriram Shihab Al Habsi (OMA)
4 4 June 15 Buriram Lucca Allen (IRL)

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Formula 4 SEA is the Asian regional championship of the FIA’s F4 format, licenced to race in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Taiwan. The championship is unique in that its utilises the ‘one’ concept:

  • One make: all cars are identical FIA-homologated chassis & engine built to FIA F1 crash test spec
  • One team: MERITUS.GP is the exclusive race engineering service provider
  • One data: all drivers’ data and team’s historic data is accessible to all
  • One dream: win 12 FIA Super Licence points


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