Badminton Community mobilizes for player struck by Cancer

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She’s fighting her toughest match ever, against an opponent which barely leaves any chances. Jeanne Tran is 35 and has terminal stage breast cancer. She’s been battling with the deadly disease for this aggressive type of cancer for 4 years and none of the treatments she’s taken so far has worked. The cancer has spread metastasis with only months to live according to her doctors.

Jeanne is a mother of an 8 year old boy and has been involved in badminton for many years in France – as a leisure player but also as the President of one of Paris Suburbs’s club, spending a lot of her free time as a volunteer to help everyone in her club. This is why the French Badminton community has launched a nation-wide appeal to help her family collect the money that could possibly save her life :

There is one last hope for her to get a rare treatment, provided by a private hospital in Germany – Hallwang Clinic, which could save her life – a few cases of total remission have been seen in the past and her family and friends believe that she could also be cured with this new treatment. In a very weak state, she just left for Germany to get a last batch of chemotherapy before hopefully being able to try this immunotherapy treatment.

The cost of immunotherapy however is very expensive, and she can not afford to pay for it all on her own. This is why her friends and family are getting everyone mobilized for her cause – a local tournament is being organized near Paris and an online donation page has been set for her family to get the money Jeanne needs for her treatment. To date, close to 34 000€ out of the 100 000€ needed has been collected, but it is not yet enough – this is why Badzine is helping Jeanne’s family to launch a world-wide campaign to try to collect more outside French borders.

Media, badminton clubs, badminton leisure players like Jeanne can get together to bring her hope and show what the badminton community can do all together.

You can help, by spreading the news or by donating on this page :

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