Alireza Abbasi, an Iranian futsal player and a well-known face of football and futsal science in the world, believes that the Iranian national football team has achieved the necessary empathy and coordination and can win the remaining two games with great effort and become champions.

Regarding the confrontation between Iran and Qatar, I must say that the conditions of this game are different, they are the hosts and will definitely benefit from the conditions and atmosphere of the host, and the Iranian national football team has a very difficult task against Qatar in the semi-final game.

Regarding the game between South Korea and Jordan, it is not possible to predict which team will get the permission for the finals, but in my opinion, South Korea will advance to the finals and will be the opponent of Iran.

As always, Qatar has been a worthy host for holding big competitions, such as the last World Cup, where we saw very good actions and preparations from them.

Iran’s national football team benefits from great and famous players and can maintain its offensive and dangerous process and hit Qatar. He is very alert, as he appeared in the last matches.

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