fernando.alonso.9Fernando Alonso launched an angry outburst at motorsport’s ruling body on Sunday, telling them to focus on the serious problems facing Formula One and to be fairer in their decision-making after being penalised on his way to 17th place in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The two-time world champion, widely respected as one of the sport’s elder statesmen, revealed how livid he feels in a broadside that was summed up when he said that it was time the International Motoring Federation (FIA) used “some common sense”.

Alonso believed he was unfairly penalised when he was in contact with Felipe Nasr’s Sauber car and could not avoid a collision with Pastor Maldonado’s Lotus and said that the FIA had missed an opportunity to demonstrate justice and sense.

“It’s FIA things,” said Alonso. “We see the grandstands half empty on this circuit — and half empty on most circuits.

“And there are championships which are overtaking us on the right, like WEC (world endurance), MotoGP (motorcycling). And then we are trying to make the cars louder!

“I think we need a bit of common sense .

“To have a drive-through (penalty) after you’ve been hit by another car is a bit strange and I think it’s unique.

“F1 needs to ask itself about the sound of the cars, or what is the problem to have less and less spectators. This kind of season, they need to make more sense about what they are doing because I don’t see this in WEC, MotoGP and other categories that are much more fun than us.

“We need to look at many things. They need to get some consistency in the penalties, some common sense and be fair.”

 Alonso’s frustrations after a season of disappointment with McLaren Honda following his move from Ferrari may have influenced his feelings, but they could not hide the truths in his comments about F1’s current crisis.

Embroiled in financial, political and technical problems, the season ended on Sunday with few signals that a brighter future lies ahead.

Earlier this week, former FIA president Max Mosley told the BBC that F1 was in serious trouble and nobody wanted to buy the business because it had become too expensive.

“There are only two or three teams that can really afford to spend the money that’s being spent now,” said Mosley.

“The others are either on the verge of having to stop, or at least greatly disadvantaged by not having enough money. I don’t really see how anyone can sell it until those problems have been resolved.

“The rich teams don’t want the less rich teams to become competitive.”

Shortly before Alonso’s angry attack, F1’s veteran commercial ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone confirmed his belief that the Lotus team will pull out of the sportif their take-over by Renault fails to go ahead in the next few days.

Renault boss Carlos Ghosn is set to decide on the French company’s plan next week. If Renault decide not to take over Lotus, it will be the end for the British team, said Ecclestone.

“I’m sure they’ll stop,” he said. “They are running a business unsuccessfully. They haven’t got enough money to keep going. So, they’ll stop.” – Agence France-Presse

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