Round 5 of PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship, Season 30 which was scheduled for 8th and 9th July 2023 at Tangkak Circuit will be postponed due to the on-going renovation works at the track.

Commenting on that, Ron Hogg, Promotions Director of PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship said, “We apologise to all parties involved directly and indirectly for the inconvenience caused due to the postponement.

“Safety comes first. As such, the postponement is pertinent to ensure that all renovation and maintenance works are conducted smoothly.

“For the time being, we cannot provide a definite response to the date of completion. More importantly would be to ensure that the track is safe for racing activities upon completion.”

Round 5 will resume at Terengganu Circuit on the scheduled date which is 21 and 22 July 2023.

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