FIFA have published the second edition of the CAS & Football Annual Report, a detailed document reflecting the activities of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in football-related matters at the global level in 2023, and, particularly, concerning appeals filed against FIFA decisions last year.

Article 57 of the FIFA Statutes recognises the jurisdiction of CAS to deal with appeals against final decisions passed by FIFA’s legal bodies. This provision gives football stakeholders (e.g. member associations, confederations, players, clubs, officials, coaches, agents, etc.) the possibility to have resolutions of FIFA, member associations, confederations and leagues reviewed by an independent arbitration tribunal.

As part of the constant efforts to increase the transparency of FIFA’s activities, the CAS & Football Annual Report 2023 provides relevant information and statistics related to the numerous appeals that have been filed before CAS in football matters worldwide. It additionally offers a detailed description of the most relevant case law from CAS and the Swiss Federal Tribunal notified last year, as well as other useful information related to CAS’ activity in connection with football.

The CAS & Football Annual Report 2023 is available here or can be downloaded from




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