The Indonesian Futsal national team will start centralised training on Friday as they gear up for the AFF Futsal Championship 2022 slated for 2-10 April 2022.

Twenty players have been called up for the camp in Surabaya by newly appointed head coach Mohammad Hashemzadeh, who replaced Kensuke Takahashi.

There are two new faces in the team and they are Mohammad Syaifullah from Pendekar United and Reza Gunawan from Cosmo JNE FC.

A notable absentee in the squad is Bambang Bayu Saptaji (from Halus FC), who were not called up this time around.



Ahmad Habiebie (IPC)

Muhammad Albagir (Black Steel)

Iksan Rahadian (Cosmo JNE FC)

Marvin Alexa (Kancil BBK)

Mohammad Syaifullah (Pendekar United)

Andri Kustiawan (BTS)

Ardiansyah Runtuboy (BTS)

Alfajri Zikri (BTS)

Mochammad Iqbal R. (BTS)

Syauqi Saud (BTS)

Sunny Rizky Suhendra (BTS)

Guntur Sulistyo Ariwibowo (BTS)

Rio Pangestu Putra (BTS)

Samuel Eko (BTS)

Evan Soumilena (Black Steel)

Ardiansyah Nur (Black Steel)

Rizki Xavier (Cosmo JNE FC)

Firman Adriansyah (Cosmo JNE FC)

Dewa Rizki Amanda (Cosmo JNE FC)

Reza Gunawan (Cosmo JNE FC)




Pictures Courtesy #FFI

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