It’s time to say goodbye to normal street shoes and start wearing trendy sneakers again – footwear fashion for spring has a chic and sporty air to it.

And the same is true of cars when the time comes to switch back to summer tyres: attractive light-alloy wheels from Mercedes-Benz Accessories enhance the appearance of any vehicle while lending an added touch of sportiness and elegance.

The trend for the summer 2015: big wheels with fine details.

From fleeting fashion to lasting trend: even compact-class models such as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class are now riding on 18-inch wheels, while the range of sizes extends to as large as 21 inches on SUV vehicles like the new Mercedes GLE.

Big wheels are in, according to the Mercedes-Benz designers, but they are shown off to particularly striking effect by fine details such as rim flanges painted in a different colour. Two-tone finishes continue to be popular, as do high-sheen light-alloy wheels, whose special appeal stems from the contrast between the seemingly bare metal and the painted surfaces.

With the help of the accessories configurator on the website, suitable wheels and the correct tyre size can be found for practically any Mercedes-Benz. In addition to this, when configuring the vehicle, the appropriate complete summer or winter wheels can also be ordered and then requested from any authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer in Germany when the seasons change.

Extensive development and testing programme

Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels not only enhance the vehicle’s looks, they also offer an extremely high level of safety. All the wheels are precisely configured for the vehicle models with respect to permissible loads and dimensions. Before the light-alloy wheels are allowed to become reliable companions on every journey, they absolve an extensive development and testing programme.

Every wheel design must pass a wide variety of endurance tests according to stringent Mercedes-Benz guidelines that go beyond the legal requirements. These include special test procedures that simulate the loads encountered in real traffic situations, as well as material tests using the latest X-ray equipment.

High-sheen wheels are subjected to additional tests such as highly corrosive salt-water spray or a 28-day climate cycle. Only when they have passed all the tests, are the wheels then included in the range of genuine Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels.

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