ANSYS_LogoRed Bull Racing is pleased to announce the extension of their innovative partnership with leading engineering simulation software developer, ANSYS, for a further three years. ANSYS has provided the Team with its cutting edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) suite of software and high performance computing (HPC) extensions since 2005, to support the aero development of the car.

Aerodynamic design can be a major differentiator for the performance of cars on track and must form a significant part of the ongoing design effort throughout each season. Using simulation in place of physical testing is becoming ever more prevalent in the sport with wind tunnel time restricted and deadlines for the next race always looming.

CFD software provided by industry leaders ANSYS enables the Team to simulate air flows around its car designs under a range of conditions. This allows the team to assess, select and optimise designs for aero-critical components and assemblies, such as braking, cooling and exhaust systems.

“Working closely with ANSYS to manage and deliver our extensive CFD requirements has been a very successful partnership for us, delivering real improvements in our turnaround time and accuracy of simulation. Virtual simulation and analysis now makes up such a significant part of our design process, it’s essential to be working closely with the CFD industry’s leading software supplier – and certainly contributes to our competitive advantage on track.” Nathan Sykes, Head of Numerical Tools and Technologies, Red Bull Racing.

“We’re excited to continue our ongoing collaboration with Red Bull Racing and further enable them to overcome increasingly difficult design challenges,” said Sandeep Sovani, Director of Global Automotive Industry at ANSYS. “Teams are always looking for a competitive edge and simulation provides it with cutting-edge, fast and reliable tools to validate and optimize every aspect of a race car throughout the design process with complete accuracy and confidence.”

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