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F4SEA powers the development of an Asian motorsport ecosystem

After successful collective tests, the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship – certified by the FIA – is set for its inaugural season, with the opening event at Sepang International Circuit from 5 to 7 August.  Unique to the FIA F4 global format, F4SEA’s ‘six-races-per-weekend’ programme is designed to maximise track time in a cost-effective manner for young drivers.

The arrival of Formula 4 in South East Asia signals a major turning point for the development of Asian motorsport, providing a global image for Asia’s modern motorsport infrastructure. From August until December 2016, the inaugural F4SEA championship season features 30 races over six weekends. In addition to the podium winners of each of the six races, a special ‘star driver’ trophy will be awarded to the driver who has collected the most points over the weekend.  F4SEA follows the F1 points scoring system and the driver with the highest score at the end of the season will be the ‘Formula 4 South East Asia Champion.’  

Additionally, drivers in the F4SEA Championship will earn Super License points. These will be awarded by the FIA to the top ten finishers of F4SEA, and can be accumulated to eventually achieve an F1 Super License.

As an FIA single-operator championship, MERITUS.GP is the exclusive race engineering services supplier to F4SEA. Comprising Malaysian engineering and technical staff, supported by European engineers and driver coaches, the team will operate the FIA F4 homologated racecars and engines for the championship.  Under the F4SEA open rule policy, all drivers are treated equally and have access to all data.

Peter Thompson, Chairman Triple A: “We are fantastically proud after a huge amount of energy and planning to finally have the first F4 race in South East Asia.  Sincere appreciation is due to our special supporters who have invested in our enthusiasm to motivate Asian youth to take up careers in the sport, by way of our world-class FIA-certified championship.”

Firhat Mokhzani, Managing Director Triple A: “The Formula 4 South East Asia championship is a game-changer for profiling motorsport opportunities in Asia.  I certainly hope that all young Asian racing enthusiasts will support their F4 championship and I welcome drivers from around the globe to experience our outstanding service and facilities.  Meritus are a world-class championship-winning organisation and GP2-winners, and our drivers have gone on to win Indy 500, 24-Hours Le Mans and compete in F1.  F4SEA is the future!”

Australian Driver Jordan Love (returning AsiaCup 2015 champion):  “Winning the AsiaCup championship has been tremendously important for my career.  I’m a big supporter of Asian motorsport and I can’t wait to be back racing F4 in Asia – I’m smiling already!”

Sharli Nor Mohammad, Head of Championship Operations: “The last 10 weeks have been the most exciting in my 10 years with Meritus.  We’ve come a long way and I’m proud that we have a great team of highly-trained Malaysians supporting F4SEA.“

Sean Thompson, F4SEA Technical Director: “Our job in F4SEA is to teach the basics, the knowledge drivers need about the car, changing the balance of the car, knowing how to make the car faster, how to make themselves faster, and how to adapt to different tracks.  The F4 race car is like a mini F1 car.”

The new Formula 4 South East Asia Championship, certified by the FIA, is one of 12 worldwide championships in the FIA’s F4 global format. F4SEA is designed to develop Asia’s motorsport talent through a cost-effective programme and is the first step on the FIA’s streamlined ladder to developing professional careers in the sport.

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