Pulau Redang offers ideal competition venue with its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches 

Immense health benefits of participating including relieving stress & improving athletic performance 

The concept of Open Water Swimming (OWS) is no longer alien in Malaysia, with the sport’s popularity set to spread even bigger thanks to the arrival of OCEANMAN Redang Malaysia (Aug 26-27).  

The OCEANMAN Redang Malaysia offers several categories including Oceanteams (3x500m), Oceankids (500m), Sprint (2km), Half OCEANMAN (5km) and the marquee OCEANMAN (10km) race. 

The event has amassed several hundred participations and is continuing to see the figure rise with special discounts on additional event registrations and new event registrations.  

Attractive registration packages aside, competing in OWS has many health benefits including sculpting a leaner physique through muscle toning. Furthermore, the sport has worked wonders to improve an individual’s overall mental wellbeing. 

Malaysia’s own two-time Olympian (2000 & 2004 Olympics) Allen Ong shares his thoughts on the promising prospects of participating in OWS and more specifically, OCEANMAN Redang Malaysia.  

Competing in OWS is an amazing experience 

I have personally participated in two OWS events last year and my overall experience was fantastic! What I realized is that swimming in the ocean can be fun, but also challenging at the same time.  

“Even if you are a great swimmer, ocean swimming is completely different as you need to sight for your own directions, and not let the waves push you from your target,” explains Allen, who is also a two-time SEA Games gold medallist.  

The overall experience outweighs the initial challenges and Allen is confident there will be many others taking to the ocean and enjoying it immensely, just like he did.  

First timers, always have a buoy with you 

This is one priceless advice from the experienced swimming pool competitor to all first-timers competing at the OCEANMAN Redang Malaysia.  

But rest assured, first-time competitors need not worry as OCEANMAN competition regulations stipulates that the use of safety buoy is obligatory for all OCEANMAN distances.  

Mental preparation is also essential for a successful swim, notes Allen. Together with knowing how to sight the race markers, pacing yourself as to not run out of steam, and drafting, which means following another swimmer with similar speed, so the water resistance is reduced, simultaneously reducing the effort to swim.  

It may sound daunting, but with enough practice beforehand, anyone would be able to enjoy their open water debut.  

More Malaysians are interested in OWS 

Over the years I have seen more participants and it is becoming an “in thing” now,” says Allen.  

He is spot on. There has been an emergence of OWS events mushrooming all over the country, with OCEANMAN Redang Malaysia set to be one of the biggest yet.  

Hosted in one of the most beautiful islands in the country, Pulau Redang is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches.  

Participants will not just experience competing but can also enjoy a lovely getaway by experiencing the culture, tradition, and sumptuous delicacies that the Terengganu locals provide.  

If that is not enough, there is also the Redang Marine Park and a sizzling nightlife to look forward to! 

Various OWS health benefits  

Stress relief and improving athletic performance are just some of the health benefits of OWS, testifies Allen.  

But for participants bound to compete at the OCEANMAN Redang Malaysia, they will realize that its plus points extend beyond that.  

Some individuals have even said they stopped taking anti-depression medication after swimming in open water, while others rejoice in the fact the sport has helped them with insomnia and even managing mood swings better.  

These are more reasons for you to get signed up for the event. 

OCEANMAN Redang Malaysia will create OWS awareness 

With Terengganu Tourism playing strong advocates to this event, there will be plenty of hype and excitement in the east-coast state. A lot of the event’s exposure will come from the island itself, which is set to host its first international event in history.  

The Malaysia Association Hotel – MAH Terengganu Chapter Chairman Suwaibah Harun is expecting big things for this event.  

“We are proud to be part of this prestigious event in Pulau Redang. We have already seen a rise in accommodation bookings, and with the special discounts given by the organizer for the additional and new event registrations, we are confident the island will be buzzing with excitement,” she said.  

Another advantage for those heading to Pulau Redang is they don’t need to worry about carrying too much money as the island also offers fully cashless transactions.  

There are still slots available for OCEANMAN Malaysia, and interested swimmers can register their entry at http://oceanmanswim.com/redang-malaysia/  

There is a special discounted rate for Malaysians if they register exclusively on this website http://www.atlantians.academy/oceanmanredang, and participants can book accommodations at this link: https://atlantians.academy/accommodation/ to get rooms at a better price.  

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