Satoru Mochizuki, the head coach of the Indonesia Under-17 women’s national team, said that the team needs ‘to look forward, train even harder’ after some painful lessons at the ongoing AFC U17 Women’s Asian Cup.

The young Indonesian girls were given a reality check competing at the continental level when they completed their campaign at the bottom of Group A conceding 27 goals as against scoring only once.

But for Mochizuki, all is not lost.

“From the three matches played, the difference between our level and other countries is very visible. There are still shortcomings in basic football, such as passing, ball control, and shooting. I think it needs to be sharpened and retrained,” said Mochizuki.

“The important thing is that we do not continue to slump. We have to look forward and train even harder.

“All of this must continue, every day, every week, every month, every year. This will be the beginning, players must remain enthusiastic and continue to practice, and try even harder.”

Towards making further improvements, Mochizuki will be looking to work closer with PSSI and conduct player scouting.

“We need to spread the word about women’s football so that all parties know about it,” he concluded.



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