FIA president Jean Todt should have been in Austria on Thursday to answer questions about the ruling body’s decision not to punish Sebastian Vettel further for his Baku ‘road rage’, according to Lewis Hamilton.

The three-time champion Briton, who lies 14 points adrift of Vettel of Ferrari in this year’s title race ahead of this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, said Todt was the man who should explain the decision of the International Motoring Federation (FIA).

Hamilton said: “I don’t think anything changes, so my opinion stays the same. With all due respect, Jean should be sitting next to us to answer some questions perhaps, because I think they didn’t change anything on the Monday.

“So the message that was sent still remains the same.”

Asked if his opinion had changed in the past two weeks, Hamilton said it should be the FIA answering any questions over its dealing with Vettel.

“Rivalry is good for any sport, I don’t disagree with that. But we are used as a platform, and we are supposed to be role models and we are supposed to give a certain message.

“We are human and don’t always get it right, but collectively, as a sport, we are supposed to inspire and send the right message. We are in a position of power and how we utilise that is important.

“I don’t think I was particularly upset after the race, I don’t think I said anything I would particularly take back. It is water under the bridge now. There is no point saying much more.” – Agence France-Presse

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