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Darby on reflects on M-League 16 years ago

It is a much awaited clash between the Red Warriors and the Southern Tigers – more so when six former Kelantan players – Norshahrul...

Darby head hunted by two foreign clubs

Steve Darby KELANTAN supremo Steve Darby is a wanted man even when he is just three months into his two-year contract with the Red Warriors. Two...

Darby’s dilemma as Kelantan’s crock list grows

KELANTAN have a tough choice as they prepare to face high riding Vissai Ninh Binh of Vietnam in a Group G match in the...

Red Warriors wary of Elephants

Steve Darby is focused on the Elephants. WHILE Kelantan celebrated their 2-0 win over Hong Kong’s South China in a Group G match in the...

Frequent fliers aim to fly high

HOPING FOR THE BEST: Kelantan coach Steve Darby is praying his players escape injury. THREE will fly in from Dubai, one from Bangkok and the...

Darby in the dark

FLASHBACK: Kelantan were at the end of a heavy defeat against Yangon United despite scoring three goals. Picture courtesy of Asiana.myLOSING 5-3 to Myanmar’s...

Darby not losing sleep over injuries

Steve Darby has faith in his men despite the injuries to his foreign players for the match against Yangon United. JUST when things seem to...

Warriors have firepower for Yangon

Kelantan will be hoping for similar celebrations when they take on Yangon United in the AFC Cup on Wednesday. AMAR ROHIDAN is set to give...

Darby hitung hari kecap kejayaan

PUAS: Shakir meraikan jaringannya ketika menentang PKNS kelmarin. Bekas penyerang Negeri Sembilan itu sudah menjaringkan tiga gol setakat ini. JURULATIH Kelantan, Steve Darby mula mengimpikan...

Kecik dah besar

PEMAIN sayap Kelantan, Wan Zaharulnizam Zakaria berasa seperti di awang-awangan apabila mendapat perhatian jurulatih Steve Darby ketika The Red Warriors (TRW) membenam T-Team 3-0...


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