Men`s pole vault title-defender Austin MILLER (USA) took again the win in the new annual world leading mark (outdoors) with 5,76 m. Second Chinese Top Vaulter Jie YAO with 5,71 m before Thai local hero Patsapong AMSAM-ANG, who equalized his Thai Record with 5,61m!

Ladies Pole Vault showed a double win of Zuzanna PRAZAKOVA (CZE) and Anicka NEWELL (CAN) with 4,21m, third local hero Khabut CHONTHICHA (THA) with 4,01. Nice frame story: The Poles of NEWELL were denied for the flight from Canada, so she shared the poles of PRAZAKOVA. At the end both also shared the win.

Women`s long jump also proofed high quality with the win of Agate DE Sousa (STP), which took the win with 6,56 m (currently Pos. 4 in annual world ranking outdoors) before actual Asian Indoor Champion Sumire HATA (JPN) with 6,47 m and Magdalene ZEBROVSKA (POL) with 6,42 m.

Men`s long jump was dominated from Cheswill JOHNSON (RSA) which took the win with 7,84 m, followed by two Brazil top Jumpers Gabriel Luiz BOZA with 7,81 m and Lucas Marcelino DOS SANTOS with 7,66 m. 

Long Jump Men Long Jump Women
1| Cheswill JOHNSON (RSA) // 7,84m 1| Agate DE Sousa (STP) // 6,56m
2| Gabriel Luiz BOZA (BRA) // 7,81 m 2| Sumire HATA (JPN) // 6,47m
3| Lucas Marcelino DOS SANTOS (BRA) // 7,66m 3| Magdalene ZEBROVSKA (POL) // 6,42m
 Pole Vault Men Pole Vault Women
1| Austin MILLER (USA) // 5,76m 1| Zuzanna PRAZAKOVA (CZE) // 4,21m
2| Jie YAO (CHN) // 5,71m 1| Anicka NEWELL (CAN) // 4,21m
3| Patsapong AMSAM-ANG (THA) // 5,61m 3| Khabut CHONTHICHA (THA) // 4,01m


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