Never ceased to amaze, the boys of ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM showcased exemplary teamwork as they worked hand-in-hand to conquer the Asia Production 250cc race category in the last two rounds.

Standing out among them is the youngest in the team Veda Ega Pratama who has raised eyebrows with his exceptional performances. What would Sportsland Sugo International Racing Course hold for Veda? Round 3 will say it all.

As a debutante in the AP250 race category, Veda has stunned fans with his racing actions. In Round 1, the Indonesian lad was seen engaging in furious strides alongside his teammates.

He was steady and in control of his machine, maintaining his position among the top three. In Round 1, Veda emerged with a strong front when he bagged the second spot in Race 1.

Although a miscalculation in his move brought him down in Race 2, he returned for Round 2 with a greater disposition. Charging ahead in the front troop, Veda made a quick recovery and into the second spot in the overall standings when he took the third place in Race 1 and the winning spot in Race 2.

Commenting on the race, Veda said, “Personally, I think that ARRC is one of the toughest championships in the Asian region and it definitely challenges me to be better. I love the adrenaline rush, the speed and the pressure injected by the other riders.

“My aim with ARRC is to gain more experience. I think the exposure has a lot to offer in terms of helping me in my riding abilities and also in understanding the machine’s technicalities.”

Speaking about his team, Veda chirped, “I am happy to compete in ARRC with such a great team as a backup. The team has a highly experienced mechanic who is ever-ready to look into matters pertaining the machine and make the right calls.

“I have awesome senior riders who have been insightful and ever willing to guide me. To be honest, I have learnt many tricks from them when it comes to riding and I am truly lucky to be part of this amazing team. In fact, I feel privileged to be the youngest riders in the team and I have a lot to be thankful for.”

The rider took an interest in two wheels at the age of 4. He said, “My father exposed me to motor-cross at that time and I immediately took a liking for it. The extremity of the sports kind of inspired me to know more and be part of the two-wheels racing scene.

“So, here I am! Of course, I had to brace through many challenges to be where I am but those are all somewhat the fundamentals of motorcycle racing. So far, the circuits in Thailand and Malaysia have been really a push factor for me.

“But I have never raced at Sugo. At this point in time, I put my trust in my team and am confident that they will fight the battle with me.”

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