PDRM against Perlis

Police continued their fine run in the TNB 53rdTun Abdul Razak Cup Division Two tournament with a 6-2 demolition of Perlis at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil today.

The Cops, who defeated Kelantan 5-3 on Friday, remained unbeaten after two matches to lead the Division Two table standings with six points.

Baljit Singh scripted Perlis downfall with four penalty corner goals (20th, 9th, 45th, 46th) whileKevinder Singh (27th, FG) and Azreen Rizal (57th, FG) gave Police this well deserved win over the tiny northern state.

Perlis replied with goals from AzroyAzeman (31st, FG) and national junior Muhammad NajmiJazlanpenalty stroke 10 minutes later.

Kelantan and Armed Forces also bounced back from Friday’s opening day defeats to register big wins over their opponents.

The east coast state fieldednine players’Under-21 years of ageand triumphed 6-0 over Sarawak led by former national junior trainee Dangerous Lee in one-sided affair match.

Mohd AminuddinZinhelped himself with two penalty corner strikes (8th, 53rd) whilegoals from AzmiDeraman (47th, PC), Mahathir Rathuwan (49th, FG), Mohammad SyabrieShamsuddin (55th, FG) and NurBadruzzamanMohamad (58th, FG) added to Sarawak’s misery.

Kelantan captain, Mohd FaizalMdDaud, said: “We played much better today as a unit. There is far better coordination among the players and this is what I am looking from my team.”

“Our next game will be against Perlis on Tuesday and we must continue this momentum. All we need is play hard as we did against Police and Sarawak,” added Faizal.

Armed Forces also clawed back from a 3-6 thrashing by Selangor on Friday to nail Kedah 4-2. Razali Mohd Hazemiopened accounts for the soldiers with a fifth minute penalty corner strike and Tuan Abdul Walidmade it 2-0 four minutes later via a field goal.

Kedah, beaten 4-1 by Perlis on Friday, struck back with field goals from Mohd FahmiNasir (13th) and M.Saravanan (38th). However, Armed Forces marched on with a 43rd minute field goal from Tuan Abdul Walid, his second in the tournament, and a MohamadFaizulShafiq 54th minute penalty stroke.

Armed Forces coach, SharunNizam Rashid, said he is confident his players will rise to the occasion against Police on Sunday after a hard-fought match against Kedah.

“We only found our momentum late in the game today and I am satisfied with our first three points. It will be tough against Police but we will certainly be in better condition to take them on,” said Sharun.

Results – Division 2: Police 6 Perlis 2; Armed Forces 4 Kedah 2; Kelantan 6 Sarawak 0; Sunday (29, Nov, 2015): Selangor v Kedah (6pm, Pitch 1); Perlis v Sarawak (Pitch 2, 6pm); Police v Armed Forces (Pitch 1, 8pm).

Sarawak goalkeeper Mathius Macrin attempts to stop a shot from Kelantan during their TNB 53rd Tun Abdul Razak Cup 2015, Division Two match at the National Hockey Stadium, in Bukit Jalil today. Kelantan won 6-0.

PDRM terus cemerlang apabila mencatat kemenangan kedua pada saingan Divisyen 2 Piala Razak selepas menewaskan Perlis 6-2 di Stadium Hoki Nasional Bukit Jalil semalam.

Skuad bimbingan K Rajan di depan dengan dua gol menerusi pukulan sudut penalti Baljit Singh minit ke-20 serta jaringan padang Kevinder Singh minit ke-27.

Namun Azroy Azeman merapatkan jurang menerusi gol padang minit ke-31 sebelum Baljit menambah gol ketiga PDRM hasil pukulan sudut penalti minit ke-39.

Muhammad Najmi Farizal Jazlan menambah gol kedua Perlis selepas tenang menyempurnakan pukulan penalti minit ke-41.

PDRM menambah tiga gol selepas itu hasil pukulan sudut penalti Baljit pada minit ke-45 dan 46 serta jaringan padang Azreen Rizal Nasir minit ke-57.

Sementara itu, Kelantan dan ATM menebus kekalahan pada perlawanan pembukaan kelmarin apabila kedua-dua pasukan mencatat kemenangan semalam.

Kelantan tidak berdepan masalah menewaskan Sarawak 6-0 hasil pukulan sudut penalti Mohd Aminuddin Zin minit ke-8 sebelum meraih lima gol berturut-turut dalam tempoh 10 minit.

Gol-gol Kelantan disumbangkan oleh Azmi Deraman (m-49), Mahathir Rathuwan (m-49), Aminuddin (m-53), Mohd Syabrie Shamsuddin m-55 dan Nur Badruzzaman Mohamad minit ke-58.

ATM pula mencatatkan kemenangan 4-2 ke atas Kedah dengan Razali Mohd Hazemi meletakkan skuadnya di depan seawal minit ke-5 hasil pukulan sudut penalti sebelum Tuan Abdul Walid menambah gol kedua menerusi jaringan padang minit ke-9.

Kedah berjaya menyamakan kedudukan hasil jaringan padang Mohd Fahmi Nasir pada minit ke-13 serta Saravanan Mathevalagan minit ke-38 tetapi ATM kembali di depan menerusi gol padang Tuan Abdul minit ke-43 dan Mohamad Faizul minit ke-54.

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