The 2021 Continental Futsal Championship will kick-off with the Egypt vs Tajikistan clash on 25 July 2021 at Show DC in Bangkok.

The Continental Futsal Championship 2021 is being organized as a warmup event for the several teams who will be taking part in the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Lithuania later in the year.

Out of the eight teams taking part in the Continental Futsal Championship, five teams will be in Lithuania in September 2021 and they are Thailand, Lithuania, Iran, Uzbekistan and Egypt.





25 July 2021

1100hrs – Egypt vs Tajikistan

1300hrs – Iran vs Lithuania

1500hrs – Uzbekistan vs Kosovo

1700hrs – Thailand vs Mozambique


26 July 2021

1100hrs – Lithuania vs Egypt

1300hrs – Tajikistan vs Iran

1500hrs – Mozambique vs Uzbekistan

1700hrs – Kosovo vs Thailand


27 July 2021

1100hrs – Tajikistan vs Lithuania

1300hrs – Iran vs Egypt

1500hrs – Kosovo vs Mozambique

1700hrs -Thailand vs Uzbekistan


29 July 2021

1100hrs – PLAYOFF – 4th Place in Group A vs 4th Place in Group B



1300hrs – Winner of Group B vs Runner-up of Group A

1600hrs – Winner of Group A vs Runner-up of Group B


30 July 2021

1100hrs – PLAYOFF – 3rd Place Group A vs 3rd Place Group B

1300hrs – 3rd & 4th Placing

1600hrs – FINAL



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