My Futsal International Tournament kicked off today with 20 teams taking part, including an invited team from Malaysia.

The tournament will be held at My Futsal Kebayoran Lama court in Jakarta.

The team from Malaysia is Leonis FC, who has included two players from Iraq while six professional teams from Indonesia will also be taking part and they are IPC Pelindo II Jakarta, Vamos Mataram, Black Steel Manokwari, Kancil BBK Pontianak, Giga FC Kota Metro and SKN FC Kebumen.

The winning team stands to take home IDR 150 (USD 11,100).



GROUP A: Kapten Bekasi FC, Agam FC Turky, Cosmo FC, GMO sorong FC

GROUP B: My Futsal Academy, Kancil BBK Pontianak, Devina FC, SKN FC Kebumen

GROUP C: Giga FC Kota Metro, Bellatex FC, My Futsal, Dyvy Sidoarjo FC

GROUP D: Forwin A, IPC Pelindo II Jakarta, Halus FC, Black Steel Manokwari

GROUP E: Leonis FC Malaysia, Vamos Mataram, Forwin B, Austy FC

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