It has been an action-packed season so far but the best is yet to come as the FIA Formula 4 SEA (F4 SEA) Championship fueled by Petron will conclude with a grand finale, featuring the last two rounds at the Sepang Circuit, in November and December.

Event 9 and Event 10, with four races each on Nov 22-24 and Dec 13-15, will bring the curtains down on a world record-breaking season of 40-races. No other F4 Championship to date has featured as many races in a single season.

Even more thrilling is that the remaining rounds will be staged as support races for the Sepang 1000KM 2019, FIA World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) and the FIM Endurance World Championship (FIM EWC). 

“When we announced the 40-race schedule at the beginning of the season, we realised it would be competitive and challenging for the young drivers. But for them to develop into top class drivers, it was necessary for them to race regularly, and at a highly competitive level. After 32 races, it is clear this objective has been achieved. The racing has been of a very high quality with every race closely contested,” Formula 4 SEA promoter, Peter Thompson, commented today.

Racing fans, who have followed the season on live stream, are eager to catch the final two rounds to find out who will be crowned the new F4 SEA champion this year.  With eight wins in the bag, expect leading contenders like Elias Seppanen of Finland as well as Australian Josh Smith, Lucca Allen of Ireland, Hadrian David of France and Omani Shihab Al-Habshi to lock horns yet again on the world-class 5.543km Sepang Circuit.

For the Malaysian fans, much is expected from local boy Muizz Musyaffa following his tremendous run in Event 8 where he sensationally won one race, along with multiple podium finishes. Muizz, currently undergoing his SPM examination, will likely be among the primary contenders for the top spots in both events.

“With the coveted F4 SEA championship title at stake, the competition among these future racing stars will be intense in the final two rounds. I am certain we will witness some of the best racing of the season in Sepang,” Thompson said. “It will be a grand finale indeed.”

 RACE SCHEDULE – Sepang 1000KM 2019

Thursday, 21st November 2019
0900hrs – 1200hrs Sepang 1000km Registration and Scrutineering
1000hrs – 1055hrs Audi R8 LMS Cup GT Test Session
1100hrs – 1155hrs F4 SEA Championship Test Session
1200hrs – 1255hrs Audi R8 LMS Cup GT Test Session
1230hrs Sepang 1000km Drivers Briefing
1300hrs – 1355hrs F4 SEA Championship Test Session
1430hrs F4 SEA Championship Drivers’ Briefing
1500hrs – 1630hrs Sepang 1000km All Drivers Free Practice 1
1700hrs – 1830hrs Sepang 1000km All Drivers Free Practice 2
2000hrs – 2020hrs Sepang 1000km Driver 1 Night Practice
2030hrs – 2050hrs Sepang 1000km Driver 2 Night Practice
2100hrs – 2120hrs Sepang 1000km Driver 3 Night Practice
2140hrs – 2200hrs Sepang 1000km Driver 4 Night Practice
Friday, 22nd November 2019
1000hrs – 1030hrs F4 SEA Championship Free Practice (30 mins)
1100hrs Audi R8 LMS Cup Drivers Briefing
1115hrs – 1145hrs F4 SEA Championship Qualifying (30 mins)
1200hrs – 1245hrs Audi R8 LMS Cup Free Practice
1430hrs – 1500hrs Sepang 1000km Driver 1 Qualifying
1515hrs – 1545hrs Sepang 1000km Driver 2 Qualifying
1600hrs – 1630hrs Sepang 1000km Driver 3 Qualifying
1645hrs – 1715hrs Sepang 1000km Driver 4 Qualifying
1745hrs – 1810hrs F4 SEA Championship Race 1 (20 mins plus leader)
1830hrs – 1915hrs Audi R8 LMS Cup Free Practice
2030hrs – 2045hrs Audi R8 LMS Cup Qualifying 1 (15 mins)
Saturday, 23rd November 2019
1030hrs – 1055hrs F4 SEA Championship Race 2 (20 mins plus leader)
1130hrs Sepang 1000km Pit Exit Opens
1145hrs Sepang 1000km Pit Exit Close
1205hrs Sepang 1000km National Anthem
1215hrs Sepang 1000km 5 Minute Board
1217hrs Sepang 1000km 3 Minute Board
1219hrs Sepang 1000km 1 Minute Board
1220hrs Sepang 1000km Rolling / Race Start (181 laps)
2120hrs Sepang 1000km End of Race (approx.)
2145hrs Sepang 1000km Prize Presentation
2200hrs – 2235hrs Audi R8 LMS Cup Race 1 (30 mins plus 1 lap)
Sunday, 24th November 2019
1100hrs – 1115hrs Audi R8 LMS Cup Qualifying 2 (15 mins)
1145hrs – 1210hrs F4 SEA Championship Race 3 (20 mins plus leader)
1400hrs – 1435hrs Audi R8 LMS Cup Race 2 (30 mins plus 1 lap)
1500hrs – 1525hrs F4 SEA Championship Race 4 (20 mins plus leader)

RACES OF MALAYSIA (FIM Endurance and FIA World Touring Car Cup)

Thursday, 12th December 2019
0930hrs – 0950hrs FIM EWC Qualifying 1 Blue Riders
1000hrs – 1020hrs FIM EWC Qualifying 1 Yellow Riders
1030hrs – 1050hrs FIM EWC Qualifying 1 Red Riders
1430hrs – 1450hrs FIM EWC Qualifying 2 Blue Riders
1500hrs – 1520hrs FIM EWC Qualifying 2 Yellow Riders
1530hrs – 1550hrs FIM EWC Qualifying 2 Red Riders
1700hrs FIA WTCR / FIM EWC Double Event Press Conference
1800hrs – 1845hrs FIM EWC Free Practice
1915hrs FIM EWC Top 10 Trial
2030hrs FIM EWC Pole Position Press Conference
1430hrs – 1830hrs FIA WTCR Scrutineering & Admin Check
1700hrs FIA WTCR Drivers Briefing
Friday, 13th December 2019
0830hrs – 0930hrs F3 Asian Championship Testing
1000hrs – 1045hrs FIA WTCR Free Practice 1
1100hrs – 1140hrs F4 SEA Championship Free Practice
1210hrs – 1240hrs F3 Asian Championship Free Practice
1300hrs – 1300hrs FIA WTCR Free Practice
1415hrs – 1445hrs F4 SEA Championship Qualifying
1500hrs – 1515hrs F3 Asian Championship Qualifying 1
1530hrs – 1600hrs FIA WTCR Qualifying
1615hrs – 1715hrs FIA WTCR Fan Forum
1720hrs – 1735hrs F3 Asian Championship Qualifying 2
1750hrs – 1800hrs F4 SEA Championship Starting Procedure
1800hrs – 1820hrs F4 SEA Championship Race 1
1845hrs – 1900hrs FIA WTCR Safety Car Exercise
1930hrs – 1950hrs FIA WTCR Qualifying 1
2000hrs – 2010hrs FIA WTCR Qualifying 2
2020hrs (start) FIA WTCR Qualifying 3
2045hrs FIA WTCR Qualifying Press Conference
2045hrs – 2400hrs Track Walk for Fans
Saturday, 14th December 2019
0900hrs – 0945hrs FIM EWC Warm-Up
1000hrs – 1045hrs FIM EWC Pit Walk North Paddock
1000hrs – 2100hrs FIA WTCR Paddock / Pit Walk South Paddock
1200hrs – 1255hrs FIM EWC Grid & Opening Track
1255hrs FIM EWC Warm-Up Lap
1300hrs – 2100hrs FIM EWC Race 8 Hours of Sepang
2115hrs FIA WTCR / FIM EWC Podium 8 Hours of Sepang
2130hrs FIM EWC Race Press Conference
Sunday, 15th December 2019
0900hrs – 0920hrs F4 SEA Championship Race 2
1000hrs – 1030hrs F3 Asian Championship Race 1
1030hrs – 1130hrs VIP Laps
1150hrs – 1210hrs F4 SEA Championship Race 3
1200hrs – 1245hrs FIA WTCR Pit Walk
1300hrs – 1330hrs F3 Asian Championship Race 2
1355hrs – 1415hrs F4 SEA Championship Race 4
1500hrs – 1510hrs FIA WTCR Opening Ceremony
1515hrs – 1545hrs FIA WTCR Race 1 (9 laps)
1610hrs FIA WTCR Race 1 Press Conference
1430hrs – 1700hrs F3 Asian Championship Race 3
1815hrs – 1845hrs FIA WTCR Race 2 (9 laps)
1920hrs – 1940hrs Stunt Show / VIP Laps
2010hrs – 2045hrs FIA WTCR Race 3 (9 laps)
2120hrs FIA WTCR Race 2 & 3 Press Conference




1 Apr 5-7 Malaysia Sepang 1 to 4
2 Apr 19-21 Malaysia Sepang 5 to 8
3 May 10-12 Thailand Buriram 9 to 12
4 June 7-9 Thailand Buriram 13 to 16
5 July 12-14 India Madras 17 to 20
6 July 19-21 India Madras 21 to 24
7 Aug 23-25 Malaysia Sepang 25 to 28
8 Sept 27-29 Malaysia Sepang 29 to 32
9 Nov 22-24 Malaysia Sepang 33 to 36
10 Dec 13-15 Malaysia Sepang 37 to 40

About FIA Pyramid to F1

The FIA Pyramid to F1 is a 4-stage plan to develop young sportsmen, engineers and enthusiasts for careers in motorsport. The first stage is F4 where drivers start off at 15 years old, then they graduate to F2 and F3, along the way gaining the points they need to earn a Super License – which is required to race in Formula 1. In much the same way we had to complete all the stages at school and college before seeking employment, young drivers of the future must climb the FIA pyramid before they can race in F1.

About Formula 4 – The first step

Formula 4 is the first step on the FIA pyramid to F1. Designed specifically to transition young sportsmen from karting into the world of single-seater racing, F4 is open to anyone aged 15 or above and teaches the next generation the race craft skills they need to progress their careers.

Formula 4 SEA

Formula 4 SEA is the Asian regional championship of the FIA’s F4 format, licenced to race in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Taiwan. The championship is unique in that its utilises the ‘one’ concept:

  • One make: all cars are identical FIA-homologated chassis & engine built to FIA F1 crash test spec
  • One team: MERITUS.GP is the exclusive race engineering service provider
  • One data: all drivers’ data and team’s historic data is accessible to all
  • One dream: win 12 FIA Super Licence points

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