# Fickle minded FAM leave Kim Swee in a lurch

# ‘I may end up without a job in 2016’ – Kim Swee


There is no Xmas and no Happy New Year celebrations for interim national football coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee.

Instead Kim Swee is pondering his future after the Football Association of Malaysia dragged their feet in settling urgent matters – a perennial problem the national football body is well known for.

He has already lost the National Under-23 coach job when the FAM named former German international Frank Bernhardt – virtually unknown in this part of the world although he was the former Estonia Under-23 trainer.

There is still hope for Kim Swee to be part of the FAM setup because he has also applied for the national football head coach. The FAM have shortlisted eight candidates.

It is not known if Kim Swee is one of those shortlisted.

All Kim Swee can do is to keep his fingers crossed and hope for the best. Anything negative will render Kim Swee jobless as he turned down several lucrative offers from local teams in the M-League.

“I could not give them a firm answer because I was tied down with FAM and the interested parties could not wait for me because they have their plans which needed to get underway for the new season,” said Kim Swee.

But Kim Swee is not going to blame anyone for his present predicament.

“I don’t know what my fate is… will wait until next month to see what happens. Of course handling the national team is everyone’s dream and I am no exception.  It is left to FAM decide on the matter.”

Kim Swee submitted his application for the national team’s chief coach which was advertised in the newspapers recently. The bulk of those who applied were foreigners.

Apart from Malaysian teams Kim Swee also had offers from national teams in this region but he turned them down because of his love for his country Malaysia.

FAM deputy president Datuk Mokhtar Ahmad told Kim Swee that he must apply for the job officially instead of being elevated from his official national Under-23 coach.

The Malacca-born is known for his commitment and dedication as a coach with plenty of pride and passion for the nation,

Kim Swee was appointed as the interim national coach after Dollah Salleh quit the job a day after Malaysia were hammered 10-0 by UAE on Sept 3.

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