2022 proved to be an intense and rewarding year for Stellantis Motorsport: in addition to the renewed success enjoyed by the various promotional formulas held worldwide, models from the Stellantis Motorsport range also secured victories in many championships, confirming yet again its undeniable expertise in customer racing.

In 2023, the target will be to keep up these impressive results, especially with Yohan Rossel, Alejandro Cachon and Stéphane Lefebvre competing in the WRC2.

  • Designed and developed to enable all competitors to fully express themselves behind the wheel, the Peugeot 208 Rally4 and Opel Corsa Rally4 provided their drivers with the chance to play leading roles in the Rally4 class, in which they claimed no fewer than 14 championships around the globe in 2022.
  • Acclaimed by teams and drivers alike, Stellantis Motorsport’s Rally4 class cars competed in over 2,000 rallies this season. Since 2020, Stellantis Motorsport has delivered more than 300 Rally4 cars to its customers. A figure that reflects not only the success of the Peugeot 208 Rally4 and the Opel Corsa Rally4, but also the resilience of the Stellantis Motorsport teams in the challenging global context.
  • The CitroĂ«n C3 Rally2, the flagship product in the Stellantis Motorsport range, has quickly established itself as the global leader in its category, winning seven championships and claiming 94 outright wins at a wide range of events in Europe, Latin America and Canada. Unveiled in 2018, the C3 Rally2 has enjoyed great commercial success with 115 models delivered in Europe and Latin America, a continent where the C3 Rally2 won the NACAM championship for the second time this year and the Argentinian rally championship with Marcos Ligato. In actual fact, this year, the C3 Rally2 won every championship in which it took part in Latin America.
  • In 2023, Stellantis Motorsport is set to continue supporting its drivers in its international programmes. After being in contention for the world title this year, Yohan Rossel will be tackling the WRC2 again, contesting eight rallies in a C3 Rally2 run by PH Sport, as he looks to confirm his clear potential. After Rallye Monte-Carlo, Rossel will line up at rallies in Croatia, Portugal, Sardinia, Estonia and Chile, as well as the new Central Europe Rally.
  • Alejandro Cachon, the talented Spanish youngster, will also be competing in the WRC2 on a programme of seven rallies in the C3 Rally2 operated by the Sports & You team, as he aims to continue learning about rallying at the highest level. 2022 Belgian Rally Champion with the C3 Rally2, StĂ©phane Lefebvre will be one of the drivers spearheading CitroĂ«n’s challenge in the 2023 WRC2 as he returns to the world stage with DG Sport. The Frenchman’s speed and experience is certain to put him among the frontrunners.
  • Stellantis Motorsport’s technical team provided high-quality support to teams, offering them unrivalled expertise at national and international events throughout the season, enabling drivers of vehicles from the Stellantis Motorsport range to play leading roles in their respective championships. Meanwhile, Stellantis Motorsport’s development team engineers and technicians continue to use their expertise and know-how to constantly fine-tune the Peugeot 208 Rally4, Opel Corsa Rally4 and especially the CitroĂ«n C3 Rally2, which will once again be central to Stellantis Motorsport’s development strategy.


Mayeul Tyl, Stellantis Motorsport Racing Shop Manager

“For several years, Stellantis Motorsport Racing Shop has been committed to a strategy focused on its customers and their success. This can be seen in the organisation of our activities and our distribution network, as well as in the quality of our product ranges and our services. In 2022, this commitment was put under severe pressure by the very challenging industrial context, which affected everyone in the motorsport industry. Our employees showed great flexibility, ingenuity and resilience to meet requirements and market expectations. We managed to keep pace with the unprecedented increase in the number of rallies contested by our customers. We were able to maintain a high rate of delivery – more than 120 new Rally4 cars were provided to customers. We also managed to support the rapid growth of our business in Latin America. Stellantis Motorsport Racing Shop and its distributors have continued to provide unfailing, exacting and high quality commercial and technical support. The many sporting achievements obtained by teams and drivers in CitroĂ«n C3 Rally2, Peugeot 208 Rally4 and Opel Corsa Rally4, both in Europe and in Latin America, confirm the success of this approach. We are working relentlessly, with the interests of our customers uppermost in our minds, on improving our products and services in 2023.”

Didier Clément, Head of Customer Racing, Stellantis Motorsport

“Ever faithful to the strategy implemented, Stellantis Motorsport customer racing continues to rely on its strong foundations: highly efficient, reliable and affordable products, the organisation of constantly acclaimed one-brand cups and  the support of up-and-coming talents. The Peugeot 208Rally4, Opel Corsa Rally4 and Citroën C3 Rally2 are central to this strategy. Incontestable success achieved in every respect in 2022, the #C3Rally2Family will once again be well represented in 2023 on the international stage by Yohan Rossel, Alejandro Cachon and Stéphane Lefebvre as well as in national championships by Hugo Margaillan and Leo Roussel. – who have all come through our promotional formulas, Undisputed leaders in the Rally4 market, the Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa are set to keep competing throughout the world, giving their drivers the chance to secure the best results in two-wheel drive competitions. As in 2022, several cups will be held in Europe, including France, the Iberian peninsula, the Belux countries and Hungary. At the same time, we are also going to pursue our efforts in new markets, such as Latin America.”

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