Host Thailand were made to work hard for their first win at the NSDF Futsal Championship 2024 before they were able to edge Malaysia 2-1 at the Nonthaburi Provincial Administrative Organization Central Stadium.

After their defeat to Australia yesterday, the Thais were a lot more determined this time round as they broke through for early fifth minute lead through Apiwat Chaemcharoen.

With the score at just 1-0 at the half against a disciplined Malaysian side, it took the Thais until the 29th minute of play before they were able to snatch their second goal of the game off Alongkorn Janphon.

The Malaysians managed to squeeze in a goal in the 33rd from Mohamad Awalluddin but it failed to reignite a fight back as the host stayed their course for the first win in the competition.

In the meantime, a late strike from Mahdi Norowzi off power play gave Afghanistan a lively 5-4 win over Australia in their second game of the competition.

After beating host Thailand in their opening game yesterday, there were expectations that Australia would pick up their second full points against Afghanistan, who had drew Malaysia in their opening tie.

But Afghanistan showed that they still had plenty of quality when they were quick off the block to take a 4-1 lead at the break.

It took Omid Kanbari just seven minutes to prise open the lead before Sayed Mojtaba Hosseini then added the second goal a minute later.

And even though Shervin Adeli managed to pull a goal back for Australia in the 15th minute, Akbar Kazemi and then Mehran Ghulami struck two goals – both in the 17th minute – for Afghanistan to be confident 4-1 at the half.

But Australia did not give up as they came storming into the second half to strike three goals in just under two minutes through Dominic Cox (32nd minute), Wade Giovenali (33rd) and Jordan Guerreiro (33rd) to put the score back on level 4-4.

However, Mahdi Norowzi would have the final say and goal in the game as his late strike in the very last minute of play gave Afghanistan their first full points of the competition.




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