The needs of potential A8 customers are changing. They desire emotional and comfortable mobility experiences that fit their individual lifestyles. Values such as time, space, and individual choices are becoming increasingly important.

At the same time, a vehicle’s traditional strengths remain important – from the driving experience to high-quality materials. In the reworked Audi A8, the premium concept is defined first and foremost by an emotional and comfortable interior experience, coupled with new and established technologies.

Today’s cars must fit seamlessly into the user’s day-to-day life and be able to meet as many of their needs as possible at all times. in this context, a versatile and comfortable interior is becoming increasingly important. Manufacturers will do well to analyze the increasingly heterogeneous target groups in the luxury segment in detail.
When it comes to the design of the interior, aspects such as comfort, control logic, infotainment, or the quality and sustainability of the materials used stand at the top of the list.
Comfort plus safety: relaxation seat and digital matrix LED headlights
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