While the very best players are involved in the BWF Destination Dubai Superseries finals this week – amongst which some Solibad ambassadors-, the Charity announced today that 25 000 € (30 000 US$) would be going in the next few days to its programs to help children around the world and that its board had agreed to take two new programs on board, in Mexico and Indonesia.

All the money collected though out the year by Solibad’s staff and friends (events , auctions and donations) will be going as promised to children projects and it is no less than 25 000€ which will be sent in the next few days to the Charity programs in Uganda, Brazil, Iran, Malaysia, Colombia and India.

“As we have always promised to our donators, 100% of the money we’ve received will go to our projects. We have already spent some money for our programs at the beginning of the year and we are happy that we can send that much to close up the year as we know some program are really needing this money” said Solibad’s President and founder Raphael Sachetat.

A perfect way to celebrate the foundation’s 6th birthday on December 10th, with more and more clubs around the world joining the cause by signing the Solibad Charter – a document which is an engagement for the club to agree with Solibad’s sporting and humanitarian values as well as a will to promote the charity’s projects.

Two new programs

The board of Solibad has recently decided to help two new programs which are strongly related to badminton. The first one “Bintang Solibad” is in Indonesia and seeks to help children living in a giant garbage dump in the outskirts of Jakarta to get an opportunity to leave their daily environment and dare to dream of a better future – such as another job – through badminton.

Practically, the program finances a strong badminton training for the children who are currently recycling garbage before and after school – sometimes instead of going to school. The goal is to provide them with a level of play which will later enable them to become badminton coaches of – for the best – badminton players in company teams in Indonesia.

The project called “Solibad Bintang Kali” (meaning “Solibad stars” in Bahasa Indonesia) looks after a total of 28 children in Jakarta and Yojakarta. The second new program to be launched in 2016 will help children in Mexico who are living in very poor conditions, to allow them to have a social activity though badminton.

The Ambassadors present in Dubai and the others have played a big part in collecting the money for Solibad this year again, showing great support through giving shirts, rackets or simply promoting our work.

Amongst our ambassadors in Dubai, some will be on court on Thursday : Tai Tzu Ying (TPE), Carolina Marin (ESP), Lee Yong Dae (KOR), Jan Jorgensen (DEN), Viktor Axelsen (DEN), Selena Piek (NED), Greysia Polli (IND), Chris and Gabby Adcock (UK). Peter Gade, our Special ambassador is also in Dubai. Some of them as well as our other ambassadors will tell their fans about our work today.

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, friends and supporters of Solibad are welcome to make a donation online (simple and secure) to help our programs for the year to come. If they can’t, they are welcome to share this image on their social networks to create awareness.

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