The AJFC finalists posing for a group photo.

ALLIANZ Malaysia organised the final Legacy Programme for young football talents of Allianz Junior Football Camp (“AJFC”) 2013 on 16 February 2014 at Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur. This is the third such programme held in five months since September last year which brought back the top boys who were shortlisted at the selection matches held in Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur, June last year. The Legacy programme is a continuity programme from the Allianz Junior Football Camp which Allianz Malaysia has been a part of.

“The Legacy Programme acts as a platform to reach out to aspiring footballers to grow and further develop their football skills.  Through this programme, these boys can pursue their dreams and ambition of becoming professional football players. This is our continuous effort we take to promote the skills of these talented boys,” said Jens Reisch, CEO of Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

“These boys have been meeting each quarter since September last year and we hope that the Legacy programme has been able to sharpen their football skills and provide opportunities for them to exchange knowledge and experience. We are happy that on of our AJFC 2012 winners, 18-year-old Luveen Visnu Anandhan, was recently recognised for his talent and has signed a nine-month contract with the Armed Forces football team. This is indeed very encouraging news for us as young talents can continue doing what they have passion for through AJFC,” concluded Reisch.



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