Asian Tour Media (ATM) has successfully utilised new cutting-edge golf remote production technology for the first time on the Asian Tour, delivering the Blue Canyon Phuket Championship and Laguna Phuket Championship broadcasts, the first Asian Tour events to take place since COVID-19 stopped play.

With the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 and restrictions on travel, an innovative remote production technology solution was developed and trialled earlier this year at two LPGA events in Singapore and Thailand. It successfully allowed crews to collaborate remotely from different locations and deliver outstanding broadcasts for global consumption with minimal staff on site. In what was a first for golf production, all the learnings and technological advancements now in place are set to forever change the golf event broadcast landscape with ATM leading the way.

The pandemic allowed the time and opportunity to relook at golf production from the ground up and develop a new framework, focusing on technology as never before. By utilising existing underground fibre optic cable networks in place all around the world and a compression technology, ATM can create content quicker and for less expense, changing the entire future delivery of production at live golf events.

The Phuket tournaments used a hybrid method of broadcasting, utilising both public internet and secure private telco lines with the remote production technology offering many benefits. It enables more optimal and flexible ways of working, allowing crews to produce multiple events in the same day, reduces travel and freight costs, and minimises wear and tear on expensive equipment. It also offers a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly method of production as it significantly reduces travel, thereby limiting carbon footprint.

Cho Minn Thant, Commissioner & CEO of the Asian Tour said: “Utilizing this new technology allows us to potentially televise more content than ever before without the logistical barriers that we may ordinarily face. Showcasing the talent that competes regularly on the Asian Tour and reaching more fans on a more regular basis is one of our top priorities for the Tour moving forward.”

Peter White, Senior Head of Production, Asian Tour Media, commented: “We are delighted to have been able to deliver the first two Asian Tour events back utilising this new technology. Born out of necessity during the pandemic, we are pleased to be able to capitalise on the innovations and technologies developed for the long-term benefit of the Asian Tour. As we navigate the ongoing restrictions and challenges of the pandemic, our abilities in delivering this remote network solution will be invaluable in ensuring a top-quality Asian Tour broadcast.”

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