While COVID-19 continues to rage on throughout the world, four countries in South East Asia can at least heave a small sigh of relief that there were no reported cases in the last 24 hours.

According to the latest statistics provided by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, four South East Asian countries did not record new infections and they are Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia and also Laos.

As of yesterday, Vietnam have 268 cases while Brunei 138, Cambodia 122 and Laos 19.

Singapore have the highest number of infections in the region with 9,125 while Indonesia with the second highest at 7,135 and the Philippines third with 6,599.

In terms of recorded mortality, Indonesia had 616, the Philippines 437 and Malaysia third highest with 92.

But Malaysia recorded the highest number of patients recovered at 3,349 while Thailand is second with 2,108.

Vietnam carried out the most tests for COVID-19 in South East Asia with 133,000 while Malaysia is second with 108, 216.

Total number of cases worldwide is 2,492,963 with the USA having the highest number of infections at 787,960.

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