Round 1 of PETRONAS MAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship took place in Jasin, Melaka today. PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – CKJ Racing rider, Md Akid Aziz, maintained his dominance at the start of the season by setting the fastest lap time in the CP150 qualifying session.

The defending champion began his qualifying session 1 with his fastest lap time at 49.491s, followed by Md Iqbal Amri Abdul Malek from Yamaha Tekhne AHM Motor Sports with 50.083s and Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team rider, Md Aiman Tahiruddin who clocked in with his best time at 60.088s.

While trying their best to find the right setup of the machine, the riders also showcased a certain kind of competitiveness.

In qualifying session 2, Akid faced some challenges from his contenders, Honda Estremo Yuzy Racing’s rider, Azroy Hakeem Anuar as well as Nazirul Izzat Md Bahauddin and Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor, who attempted to claim the top position. However, Akid denied them with the fastest lap time for the day at 49.256s,

Akid commented, “For qualifiying 2, I tried to find the best racing line because the risk of crashing was high. I could go fast, but the risk was crashing and I did not want that for myself.,

“To maintain consistency was equally challenging.So, I will try to find the best way to stay fast and consistent for tomorrow’s raceTomorrow’s race is definitely going to be intense especially for the riders between P1 and P5. We’ll see how the situation unfolds because there’s risk involved for each rider. Avoiding crash and maintaining a certain speed can be quite challenging. I tried different braking techniques and methods to avoid crashing, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Tomorrow, I’ll try to improve,” he added.

Meanwhile, Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team rider, Md Khairi Asyraf Mahmood, also showed a promising start by dominating the CP125 qualifying session.

Khairi, the defending CP125 champion, comfortably controlled the Jasin, Melaka circuit with the fastest lap time at 51.667s in practice session 1 and 52.181s in practice session 2. The Johor born rider utilized his experience to consistently perform well and led the session with the fastest time at52.215s, leading to a better chance of winning tomorrow’s race.

Besides Khairi, his teammate Md Shafiq Ezzariq also claimed the second position with his best lap time at 52.437s, followed by PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – 31 Racing’s Md Syamil Amsyar M Iffende with his best time at 52.493s.

Khairi shared, “I’ll do my best for myself. In terms of the bike, they’ve ensured that the machine is in the best condition. The setup suits me well too, so I will stay focused on my duty in tomorrow’s race.”

In addition, Wira KBS rider, Farres Putra Md Fadhil, maintained the lead on the first day with his new team, PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – 31 Racing.

During the morning free practice session, Farres ended with the fastest lap time at 53.473s, while Winbox KM+ AXLA rider, Md Iman Fahmi Senin, clocked in at 53.827s for second place, followed by Adi Putra Anahar with his best lap time at 54.036s.

During the second practice session, Farres showcased more aggressive performance and an, improved lap time at 52.834s, leaving his competitor from Yamaha Estremo 27 Racing, Md Adib Arsyad Md Hisam behind with his best lap time at 54.095s, followed by Honda KC Racing rider, Adi Putra Anahar, 54.133s for third fastest place.

The former V. Fiertech Wiramuda Racing rider then concluded the qualifying session fastest at 53.182s, placing two Honda KC Racing riders, Md Akif Abdullah with 53.420s and Adi Putra Anahar with 53.604s, in second and third positions respectively.

Farres said, “I’m really happy with the new team. I’m trying to adapt to the new team, maintain good communication, and hope that this cooperation continues not only throughout the year but in the years to come.”

Top 5 Fastest – Qualifying Session
Round 1

1. Md Khairi Asyraf Mahmood – Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team (52.215s)
2. Md Shafiq Ezzariq – Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team (52.437s)
3. Md Syamil Amsyar Md Iffende – Petronas Sprinta Yamaha – 31 Racing (52.493s)
4. Arash Tsunami Kamarudin – Winbox KM+ AXLA (52.568s)
5. Md Adie Putra Sukarno – Petronas Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor (52.671s)

1. Md Akid Aziz – Petronas Sprinta Yamaha – CKJ Racing (49.256s)
2. Azroy Hakeem Anuar – Honda Estremo Yuzy Racing (49.325s)
3. Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin – Petronas Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor (49.626s)
4. Nazirul Izzat Md Bahauddin – Petronas Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor (49.923s)
5. Md Helmi Azman – SCK Honda Racing Team (49.963s)

Wira KBS
1. Farres Putra Md Fadhil – Petronas Sprinta Yamaha – 31 Racing (53.182s)
2. Md Akif Abdullah – Honda KC Racing (53.420s)
3. Adi Putra Anahar – Honda KC Racing (53.604s)
4. Md Adib Arsyad Md Hisam – Yamaha Estremo 27 Racing (53.931s)
5. Md Iman Fahmi Senin – Winbox KM+ AXLA (53.931s)

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