The FA of Brunei Darussalam (FABD) have formally announced their new website domain

The migration to this new domain is part of FABD’s ongoing rebranding effort aimed at delivering further developments into the local football scene, which include improvements in the areas of communication between the association and their stakeholders.

The new website was designed to be user-friendly, with information regarding the sport including league rankings, updates and documentaries being easily accessed even from smartphone devices.

In the long run, FABD would also like to add more functionalities to the website to support its communication needs.

Through the activation of the new domain, FABD would also like to announce that all e-mail addresses used previously have also been changed.  Key contacts for the association will now be:

Additionally, FABD would also like to thank all stakeholders for their support and hoped they will continue being with the association on its journey towards providing quality football in Brunei Darussalam.



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