FIFA‘s reform committee will this week finalise its recommendations for restructuring world football’s governing body, which has been battered by an unprecedented corruption scandal at the top of the organisation.

A set of preliminary proposals released last month included restricting the president’s tenure to a maximum of 12 years, making public the salaries of high-ranking officials and creating a new compliance unit, among other recommendations.¬†

The committee, headed by Swiss lawyer Francois Carrard, is due to meet in Zurich on Thursday and Friday, where it will finalise its proposals before presenting them at a FIFA executive committee meeting that begins on December 3.    

The executive committee has the right to make amendments before the reform plan is put to a vote of all 209-member federations at a special congress scheduled for February 26.

That February meeting will have the highest possible stakes for restoring FIFA‘s tainted credibility.¬†

Aside from the possible adoption of controversial reforms, members will select a replacement for FIFA‘s embattled, and suspended, president Sepp Blatter, who is the target of a criminal investigation inSwitzerland.¬†

Carrard is not expected to disclose his committee’s final proposals this week, instead keeping them under wraps until the executive committee meeting next month. –¬†Agence France-Presse

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