It was a smashing start to the first matchday of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) Junior Mixed Team Championship as Junior Transformers and Junior Terminators scored their first win in contrasting fashion.

In the matches that were played at the Juara Stadium in Bukit Kiara this morning, Junior Transformers coast to a comfortable 7-5 win over Junior Avengers as the Junior Terminators were made to work hard for their 7-6 victory over Junior Dominators.

Led by captain Justin Hoh, Junior Transformers grabbed the first point through mixed doubles Wan Muhammad Arif-Valeree Siow who scored a 15-5, 15-12 win over Beh Chun Meng-Go Pei Kee.

But Junior Avengers tied the score at 1-1 when womens’ doubles pair of Chan Wen Tse-Noraqilah Maisarah overcame Lim Yi Wei-Ng Wen Xi in straight set 15-14, 15-11.

Aaron Tai-Low Han Chen put Junior Transformers back in the lead following their 15-11, 15-7 win over Chee Hong Wei-Muhd Amzar in the men’s doubles as Eogene Ewe Eon then came back for a 2-2 draw after beating Chua Kim Sheng in three set 8-15, 15-9, 15-9.

However, girls’ singles Khor Jing Wen and then captain Justin Hoh ensured that Junior Transformers were comfortable 4-2 in the lead after picking up the next two points.

Jing Wen defeated Myisha Mohd Khairul 15-14, 15-12 while Justin beat Junior Avengers captain Jacky Kok Jing Hong 15-10, 8-15, 15-6.

Ja Jireh Lee then narrowed the score to 3-4 for the Junior Avengers after defeating Low Han Chen 14-15, 15-7, 15-10 but Aaron Tai restored the two-point advantage for Junior Transformers 5-3 following his 15-11, 15-8 win over Yeow Chun Cher.

But Junior Avenges did not fold as they fought back for a 5-5 draw – Chan Wen Tse overcame Tan Zhing Hui 15-6, 8-15, 15-14 and then Siti Zulaikha defeated Lim Yi Wei 15-11, 15-12.

Justin Hoh ensured his team took the upper hand at 6-5 when his partnership with Wan Muhammad Arif in the men’s doubles made short work of Beh Chun Meng-Liew Xun 15-11, 15-11.

Junior Avengers’ hope then rested on the shoulders of women’s doubles pair of Cheng Su Hui-Go Pei Kee to tie the score and drag the match to the decider.

But Khor Jing Wen-Valeree Siow was just a tad stronger when they ensured victory for Junior Transformers with a 6-15, 15-14, 15-14 win.

“I told the players – we win together and we lose together. Everyone has given their best today and those who were not in action also gave their support to the whole team,” said Justin.

“I thought that I played quite well in both games, especially in the men’s singles against Jacky. I tried not to think too much where the focus was more on giving support to the other players and encouraged them.”

In the meantime, there were some fierce competition in the match between Junior Terminators and Junior Dominators.

Junior Terminators were the first on the point through Adiyna Anuar-Ong Xin Yee who defeated Carmen Ting-Oo Shan Zi 12-15, 15-7, 15-10 but Ong Ken Yon-Low Yeen Yuan would tie the score 1-1 for Junior Dominators after beating Jimmy Wong-Cheng Su Yin in three sets 12-15, 15-12, 15-14.

Ferdinan Ramno-Lok Hong Quan put Junior Dominators ahead 2-1 after overcoming Kang Khai Xing-Muhammad Faiq 15-11, 13-15, 15-8.

Ong Zhen Yi, who is also the captain of Junior Terminators, failed to tie the score when he unexpectedly fell 15-11, 13-15, 10-15 to Adam Shaz.

However, Siti Nurshuhaini Azman put Junior Terminators back in contention at 2-3 after overcoming Tan Zhing Yi 15-4, 7-15, 15-8.

But Goh Boon Zhe-Wong Vin Sean restored Junior Dominators’ advantage at 4-2 after beating Jimmy Wong-Muhammad Haikal 11-15, 15-12, 15-14.

Junior Terminators were not giving up yet as they then went on to pick up three points on a trot for them to take a 5-4 lead for the first time in the match.

Cheng Su Yin-Lee Xin Jie in the womens’ doubles, Ong Xin Yee in the womens’ singles and then Muhammad Faiq in the men’s singles were all on the winning path for Junior Terminators.

Another point through Adiyna Anuar in the womens’ singles when she beat Yeap Phoi Lin 15-12 15-5 put added Junior Terminators 6-4 in the lead.

However, Junior Dominators captain Ong Ken Yon refused to give up when he fought back to narrow the gap at 5-6 following his 15-12, 11-15, 15-7 win over Muhd ​​Fazriq Mohd Razif.

Ferdinan Ramno then became the savior for Junior Dominators when he beat Kee Is Qian 15-13, 11-15, 15-11 to tie the score at 6-6 and forced the match into the decider.

In the decisive men’s doubles, the pair of Muhammad Haikal-Muhammad Fazriq made sure of Junior Terminators’ 7-6 victory after beating Goh Boon Zhe-Wong Vin Sean 11-6, 8-11, 11-2.

“For the deciding match, I asked Haikal to play because he is the deputy captain and he was confident in the men’s doubles. And he chose Muhd ​​Fazriq as his partner.

“Even though I lost (in the men’s singles) and failed to contribute to the team, it did not discourage the others. In fact, it brought us closer together and where we were more motivated as they continued to encouraged us,” said Zhen Yi.

The second matchday tomorrow will see Junior Terminators taking on Junior Transformers while Junior Avengers will face Junior Dominators.



Junior Avengers – Junior Transformers 5-7

 XD Beh Chun Meng – Go Pei Kee vs Wan Muhammad Arif-Valeree Siow (5-15 12-15) 0-1

WD2 Chan Wen Tse-Noraqilah Maisarah vs Lim Yi Wei-Ng Wen Xi (15-14 15-11) 1-0

MD2 Chee Hong Wei-Muhd Amzar vs Aaron Tai-Low Han Chen (11-15 7-15) 0-1

MS2 Eogene Ewe Eon – Chua Kim Sheng (8-15 15-9 15-9) 1-0

WS1 Myisha Mohd Khairul – Khor Jing Wen (14-15 12-15) 0-1

MS1 Jacky Kok – Justin Hoh (10-15 15-8 6-15) 0-1

MS4 Jan Jireh Lee – Low Han Chen (14-15 15-7 15-10) 1-0

MS3 Yeow Chun Cher – Aaron Tai (11-15 8-15) 0-1

WS2 Chan Wen Tse – Tan Zhing Hui (15-6 8-15 15-14) 1-0

WD1 Cheng Su Hui-Go Pei Kee vs Khor Jing Wen-Valeree Siow (15-6 14-15 14-15) 0-1

MD1 Beh Chun Meng-Liew Xun vs Justin Hoh-Wan Muhammad Arif (11-15 11-15) 0-1

WS3 Siti Zulaikha – Lim Yi Wei (15-11 15-12) 1-0


Junior Terminators – Junior Dominators: 7-6

WD2 Adiyna Anuar-Ong Xin Yee vs Carmen Ting-Oo Shan Zi (12-15 15-7 15-10) 1-0

XD Jimmy Wong-Cheng Su Yin vs Ong Ken Yon-Low Yeen Yuan (15-12 12-15 14-15) 0-1

MD2 Kang Khai Xing-Muhammad Faiq vs Ferdinan Ramno-Lok Hong Quan (11-15 15-13 8-15) 0-1

MS2 Ong Zhen Yi – Adam Shaz (15-11 13-15 10-15) 0-1

WS1 Siti Nurshuhaini – Tan Zhing Yi (15-4 7-15 15-8) 1-0

MD1 Jimmy Wong-Muhammad Haikal vs Goh Boon Zhe-Wong Vin Sean (15-11 12-15 14-15) 0-1

WD1 Cheng Su Yin-Lee Xin Jie vs Carmen Ting-Low Yeen Yuan (15-8 15-8) 1-0

WS3 Ong Xin Yee – Oo Shan Zi (15-12 15-6) 1-0

MS4 Muhammad Faiq – Lok Hong Quan (15-13 15-13) 1-0

MS1 Muhammad Fazriq – Ong Ken Yon (12-15 15-11 7-15) 0-1

MS3 Kee Is Qian – Ferdinan Ramno (13-15 15-11 11-15) 0-1

WS2 Adiyna Anuar – Yeap Phoi Lin (15-12 15-5) 1-0

S Muhammad Haikal + Muhammad Fazriq – Goh Boon Zhe + Wong Vin Sean (11-6 8-11 11-2) 1-0

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