Mind locks are very common in sports.

When the mental tension gets too high, it can cause the player’s mind to lock down.

Players may exhibit evasive behaviour or suffer from low self-confidence. 

Acquired blockers in similar scenarios can negatively affect the player in other situations, but we can overcome all these obstacles through mental training.

In a situation where the player chooses to pass the ball instead of shooting, he has actually acquired a mental blocker.

He is a player. In other words, his brain has learned that such a situation is difficult and has turned it into anxiety.

When a mental blocker like this is manifested in a player, it will quickly be reinforced and stabilized as the player focussed their thoughts on problems through the following:

“It’s very hard to do”.

“What will happen if I fail”.

“This is my characteristic”.

“I must not spoil now”.

This example of an acquired lock can become long and durable in a Futsal player and become a spiral-like and negative path in him both mentally and emotionally.

Mental training is simply the best guide to positive thoughts, feelings and mental images of specific situations that we will encounter later.

This means that we are giving our brains new and positive mental programs.

As you know, it can be said that the brain has a specific “weakness” and it is difficult for it to distinguish between what you have actually experienced and what you only think about.

In this sense, the brain is a completely exceptional organ in the body.  The brain stores our thoughts and feelings and directs our entire body and reactions both consciously and semi-consciously.

In addition, research and practical experience have shown that the brain learns things regardless of the environment.

The advantage of this mental technique is that we can repeat it several times within a few minutes, while we rarely encounter the same situation on the football field during a match or practice.  

Once we face a situation like a one-on-one with the goalkeeper, mental training allows us to picture this situation in our mind several times. 

The best possible result can be achieved by combining mental and practical training.

Alireza Abbasi was born on 26 July 1987 in Tehran (Iran), a well-known face of Futsal science.

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