Kelantan Football Association (AFA) president Tan Sri Annuar Musa has promised to settle the outstanding player salaries in stages.

He said KAFA was unable to pay the full salaries as it would lead to cash flow problems for the association, which had been plagued with a financial crisis throughout 2015.

“For the 2015 season, we faced a huge deficit… in terms of EPF (Employees Provident Fund), the players, taxes, coaches. After receiving a rather comfortable sposnsorship deal, we have given priority to the payment of salaries.

“We will be sending a schedule of payment letter to the players and those who have arrears, it’s only that we will pay it gradually, so that our cash flow is not affected, where the main focus will be on preparing the main team which will be competing,” he said at a press conference after signing a sponsorship contract in Medan Mara, here.

Earlier, he received a RM16 million contribution from the founder of Vida Beauty Sdn Bhd, Datuk Seri Dr Hasmiza Othman, or better known as Dr Vida, as the main sponsor.

He, however, declined to reveal total sponsorship amount received for this season, as it was still under negotiation.

Annuar requested the team – which will be known as the ‘Pamoga Qu Puteh The Red Warriors’ this season, to demonstrate high determination and commitment to win every Malaysia Cup and Super League match it plays.

“Last season was a wake up call for KAFA with the Malaysian League challenge that saw a changed landscape, causing it (KAFA) to be at the bottom of the table. We must make some changes in order to remain competitive,” he said.

According to him, the funds sponsored by Dr Vida would not be included in KAFA’s main accounts, and would instead be handled by a seven-member committee through a secondary account.

The seven are KAFA’s treasurer, Nik Aminaldin Jaafar, Dr Vida who is KAFA’s honorary advisor, and two other advisors, namely, Datuk Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub and Datuk Abdul Fattah Mahmood, as well as three representatives from the supporters club.

“Datuk Seri Vida has great ideas which is a boost for KAFA. I see her terms in a positive manner, whereby it has succeeded in creating a new euphoria in the country’s football scene.

“She does not only want to be a normal sponsor, but also to develop the infrastructure and the grassroots-level (of KAFA),” he said.

Meanwhile, Annaur said KAFA would not give up in its pursuit of Thailand forward, Teerasil Dangda for the 2016 season, after appointing an agent to discuss terms with his club, Muangthong United FC.

He said the agent who is based in London, will hold talks with the Thailand club for signing the 27-year-old striker who has played for La Liga club Almeria, to shore up KAFA’s attacking line-up.

“He is still under contract with Muangthong, but he has shown positive signs. Previously, Muangthong had given a figure, but I would like to clarify that we do not only want players who have a high commercial value, but also want to invest wisely,” he said. – BERNAMA

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