Interactive: track day race car with a maximum output of up to 750 hp thanks to Push2Pass

Innovative: design and performance features for superior handling characteristics

Inclusive: delivery package and priority for AMG Racing Series

Mercedes-AMG continues to expand its race car portfolio: with the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO, the performance and sports car brand launches a non-homologated race car for track days. The new model is based on the Mercedes-AMG GT2, presented in 2022, and convinces with additional and innovative design and performance features.

The GT2 PRO is aimed at motorsport enthusiasts who want to advance into extraordinarily high performance dimensions at the race track. Meanwhile, it always meets the usual high safety standards of the Mercedes-AMG customer sports models.

Moreover, the car convinces with outstanding handling and intuitive operation.

Performance: new Push2Pass function unleashes maximum performance potential

A highlight of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO is its new Push2Pass function: by pushing the button on the steering wheel, the boost is temporarily increased and the full performance potential of the AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine is unleashed. As a result, a total of up to 750 hp (551 kW) is available for a while.

The basic output is 707 hp. Developed exclusively for the GT2 PRO, the Push2Pass feature allows the driver to have even more control of the individual track day performance. The power is being transferred by a sequential six-speed racing gearbox with modified gear ratios.

Like in all Mercedes-AMG race cars, the transmission is mounted on the rear axle in transaxle configuration and connected to the engine by means of a carbon fibre torque tube with a high torsion and torque stiffness. The chassis includes comprehensively adjustable four-way motorsport shock absorbers.

Equipment: GT2 PRO-specific special finish, newly designed rear wing endplates, optimised interior

Exclusive design elements determine the characteristic appearance of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO. The factory delivery will be in a matt grey full paint finish with separately finished decoration stripes and GT2 PRO logos. The carbon elements of the exterior with a bright finish harmoniously blend in. Correspondingly, the 18-inch AMG light alloy wheels are painted in two colours. Newly designed characteristic rear wing endplates round out the coherent general appearance.

The interior of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO combines the typical user-friendliness of the AMG customer sports cars with coherent ergonomics throughout the cockpit. The CUBE CONTROLS steering wheel stands out for excellent handling and intuitive operation. Initially developed for e-sports use, the steering wheel got a design that was optimised for the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO and was modified further with the Push2Pass function button.

The display of the latest generation within the central field of view convinces with its high-definition graphics and therefore allows for instinctive operation. Further exclusive interior highlights are the GT2 PRO-specific varnished centre console and the stitching of the driver’s seat. Moreover, the car comes ex-factory with integrated air conditioning.

Safety: protection and confidence at the highest level

The Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO has all the proven safety features of the Mercedes-AMG customer sports models. In the cockpit, these include, among others, a carbon safety cell, rigidly connected to the chassis, a five-point safety belt, safety nets, a fire extinguisher, and an extrication hatch.

Moreover, the car’s comprehensive safety package includes a reliable racing ABS and multi-adjustable traction control. Together with the precisely adjusted chassis and the very direct steering response, these elements ensure that the drivers can immediately build up confidence in the car while on track.

Delivery package: comprehensive race apparel and priority for AMG Racing Series

The Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO comes with a comprehensive delivery package. It includes, among others, a car cover specially designed for the GT2 PRO. Additionally, Mercedes-AMG Official Partner PUMA provides a full race apparel kit including an individualised race suit, gloves, competition underwear and shoes.

Also included is a high-quality individualised BELL helmet in Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO design. Additional features like a passenger safety cell, a drinking system, a seat and helmet cooling and an individually assembled spare parts package can be ordered at a surcharge.

On top of that, it is possible to easily downgrade the car to the homologated GT2 base version for race participation. Owners of a Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO receive priority while entering the AMG Racing Series. The AMG Racing Series is a range of exclusive track day events at Europe’s most beautiful circuits.

Here, participants find a competitive environment in which they can enjoy their shared passion for motorsport and to push their Mercedes-AMG models to the limit. In the process, owners of the new Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO benefit from comprehensive Customer Racing Support.

From a personal engineer and spare parts supply to coaching by an experienced professional from the Mercedes-AMG Driver Pool, many services can be ordered through the Customer Service Portal (CSP). The inaugural AMG Racing Series event will be held at Circuit Ricardo Tormo near Valencia from November 7th to 9th already.

“We are very proud to have achieved the next milestone in the customer sports segment with the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO. Demand for pure track day cars has increased significantly, so therefore, we also respond to the expansion of the derivatisation in the track day and club sports segment at the same time.

With its technical refinements that include, among others, the new Push2Pass function, the GT2 PRO is the ultimate track day tool. Moreover, the car is easy and quick to drive. The GT2 PRO is exceptionally agile, allowing the fascination of racing to be experienced enormously, both for amateurs and professionals.”- Christoph Sagemüller, head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport

The new Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO in comparison:

  Mercedes-AMG GT2 Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO
Output 520 kW/707 hp 551 kW/750 hp

Base output: 520 kW/707 hp

Homologation yes (SRO) no
Finish Iridium silver metallic   Special finish/multi-colour finish
Aerodynamics New rear wing New rear wing endplates
Shock absorbers 3-way adjustable 4-way adjustable
Wheels 18” AMG light alloy wheels with centre lock GT2 PRO-specific 18” light alloy wheels with centre lock and bicolour finish
Gearbox COP GT4 COP GT4
Interior No stitching, dashboard grey matte Seat stitching GT2 PRO-specific, centre console in special bright finish, dashboard in visible carbon matte
Steering wheel CUBE CONTROLS 190 GT2-specific Design optimised CUBE CONTROLS steering wheel with AMG GT2 PRO logo and Push2Pass function button
Miscellaneous   Delivery package with special car cover, PUMA racing apparel, BELL helmet and priority for AMG Racing Series
PAD 12/2022 11/2023
Market launch 05/2023 11/2023
Sales price 409,000 EUR net 479,000 EUR net
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