Under the banner of “Pure&Crafted meets New Heritage”, Pure&Crafted ON THE ROAD will cross the finish line at Areal Boehler in Dusseldorf on 3 and 4 November. At New Heritage, which considers itself a festival for timelessness, all facets of Pure&Crafted will be showcased once more to celebrate the end of the season, comprising live music by headliners RAZZ, motorcycle culture and plenty of new heritage lifestyle.

Since its premiere in 2015, Pure&Crafted has been established as a brand through performances by The Hives, Refused, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Mando Diao and Interpol.

After three successful years and sold out events, the festival took on a different form this year. To find new inspiration, discover trends and develop Pure&Crafted further, the festival was ON THE ROAD this summer to seek out the places where the Pure&Crafted lifestyle is lived out every day.

On 24 May, we celebrated the kick-off event to this adventurous road trip with a Pure&Crafted BBQ at Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin, sending off the first Pure&Crafted ON THE ROAD rider in style with gigs by The PicturebooksRews and more.

Since then, 13 riders or teams have travelled 40,000 km through 20 countries in 4 months, riding the Pure&Crafted Signature Bike, a BMW R nineT Pure, all across Europe. Riding from Berlin to Morocco and back, Bernhard Elflein of Herzbube Motorcycles was on the road the longest together with Sozia and his companion Severine – and some luggage, of course!

All Pure&Crafted ON THE ROAD riders were asked to track down the most exciting routes, the smallest manufactures, the most exceptional builders, the best food and the coolest gigs – and to experience their own personal adventure while doing so. Magazine Craftrad’s Henry Kerinnes, Jan Joswig and photographer Tim Adler; Berham Customs’ Martien Delgaauw and photographer Jo Fischer; female motorcycle clubThe CurvesTeam New Heritage with Moritz Fuchs and Felix Cabello; „boxer-loving“ Ben Arslan with „best buddy“ and photographer Mile Stevic; photographerVanessa Blankenagel; product manager Karsten Merz; Leevenstein co-founder and photographer David Biene; and, once again, head of The Curves, Cäthe Pfläging, for the „101 End of Season Ride“.

Participating in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Hamburg and visiting INTERMOT in Cologne, Ben Arslan brought the extensive tour on the R nineT to an end, riding it safely to the „Pure&Crafted Campus 66 Special“ in Krefeld on 5 October. There, on the top-notch grounds of the Campus Loft 66 in Krefeld Fichtenhain, and in cooperation with the Ace Cafe London, the crowd was treated to the essence of Pure&Crafted with live music by Velvetones and vendors like Ondura Durable Goodsand Blaumann Jeanshosen as well as a selection of rare concept and custom bikes.

It’s not difficult to imagine that the Pure&Crafted ON THE ROAD riders experienced a lot, met many interesting people and found new friends. 

You can read their full stories in our journal on our website: www.pureandcrafted.com.

Since such an epic road trip can’t just end like that, we decided to throw a final party, of course.

Under the banner of “Pure&Crafted meets New Heritage”, the party will be held as part of the New Heritage Festival at Areal Boehler in Dusseldorf on 3 and 4 November 2018.

The New Heritage Festival has been established in 2017. Biannually, the festival draws from 5,000 to 7,000 visitors of all ages to Munich and Dusseldorf where around 100 smaller and bigger vendors present their high-quality products. A diverse fringe programme, including workshops, concerts, drinks and street food, round off the events. By the way, many of the vendors already offered their products at Pure&Crafted Festival’s “General Store” in the past.

As a partner of New Heritage, Pure&Crafted will curate the music line-up and all things related to motorcycle culture in Dusseldorf:

On Saturday evening, Pure&Crafted ON THE ROAD will cross the finish line with live performances by RAZZEmbrace the Emperor and DJ Joern Biedka behind the decks.

BMW Motorrad will be on location as well, presenting a variety of custom bike highlights.

In addition, the Pure&Crafted ON THE ROAD riders will talk about their experiences, and the ON THE ROAD recap film will premiere in Dusseldorf, too.

Even the best road trip must come to an end at some point! One thing’s for sure, though: Pure&Crafted ON THE ROAD brought us lots of inspiration, new trends, many interesting contacts and countless ideas.

We’re thrilled to see how these new experiences will impact the future of Pure&Crafted.

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