2015 Sports Bike Riders(SBR) Track Day - Early bird

Sepang International Circuit logo-W524H222In another initiative to promote grassroots motorsports development, Sepang International Circuit (SIC) has formed a strategic partnership with Sports Bike Riders (SBR) in organizing track days for motorcyclists at the circuit.

SBR, which was appointed through an invited tender, will be the operator for the track days for bikers and would work closely with SIC in making safety as the utmost important element during the programme.

“With SBR, we have drawn up a very systematic programme which we believe have massive impact on grassroots motorsports development especially for those who want to race competitively. We strongly urged those aspiring to take up bike racing to work with this group.

“It’s an innovative approach decided by us to further enhance the operations of the circuit. We are keeping the actual manpower of SIC slim and lean; working closely with partners. In turn, we focus on overall planning and management of the circuit and the main events. We will have partners to work on viable programmes and we are always open for any form of collaborations with a win-win formula.
2015 Sports Bike Riders(SBR) Track Day - 002
“For the track days, for example, SBR has strong connections with established racing teams and riders. They can support us in helping aspiring riders to pursue their dreams. I am made to understand that they can also assist in getting coaches and organize coaching clinics at the track days. SBR also rent out bikes for participants coming from oversea,” Razlan added.

The new MSC completed Round 1 of its five-leg championship recently; but still four more rounds for aspiring racers to participate. One of the rounds would feature as support races for the eni World Superbike Championship Malaysia Round, which is scheduled from July 31 to August 2.

Under the collaboration with SBR, those with bikes above 250cc that are interested to participate in the track days would need to do advance booking on-line at www.sbrtrackday.com.

“It saves us a lot of our time and the participants’ time. Just log on to the website and complete all the necessary details and just come to SIC on your bike with your racing suits,” says SBR spokesman Joseph Lee.

2015 Sports Bike Riders(SBR) Track Day - 001
Unlike previously, each hour of the track day programme is being segmented according the riding standards and experience of the riders and their machines.

“We are breaking the groups to ensure everyone can truly enjoy their session to the fullest and in the interest of safety. It would be risky to have riders with different levels of riding capabilities in a same session. The fast riders would need to look out for back markers and the slower ones would be stalling the quicker riders. That would pose plenty of safety issues.

“Through this, participants can truly enjoy their time on the track. Everybody will leave the track happy. More importantly, the safety of the riders are being further emphasized,” Joseph added.

Participants are charged at RM430 (S160) per rider which comes track fee and drinks & snacks throughout the whole session.

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