The stage is set for the second round qualifiers of the FIFA World Cup 2026 following the end of the first round of matches last night.

Of the seven ASEAN countries taking part in the first-round qualifiers, four were eliminated and they are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Laos and Timor Leste.

The three teams that survived into the second round are Myanmar, Indonesia and Singapore.

Myanmar were 5-1 winners over Macau over two legs as Indonesia thumped Brunei DS 12-0 and Singapore overcame Guam 3-1.

In the second round, Myanmar have been placed in Group B against Japan, Syria and North Korea.

Indonesia are in Group F against Iraq, Vietnam and the Philippines while Singapore are in Group C against South Korea, China and Thailand.

The teams from ASEAN taking part are Malaysia in group D against Oman, Kyrgyzstan and Chinese Taipei while Australia are in I against Palestine, Lebanon and Bangladesh.

The second-round qualifiers which will be played on a home and away basis will start next month.





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