The final round of The 35th Shinhan Donghae Open could possibly be affected by the impending Typhoon Tapah, where the centre of the typhoon will be approximately 300km away from the Bear’s Best Cheongna Golf Club on Sunday.

In view of the above situation, the tournament committee from the Asian Tour, KPGA Korean Tour and Japan Golf Tour Organisation have decided to move the starting tee times earlier.

The first group will tee off at 7am with the last group starting at 8.50am. In the event the final round cannot be completed, regardless of the number of holes completed by Sunday, The 35th Shinhan Donghae Open will be declared as a 54-hole tournament. 

However, if the final round can be completed on Sunday and should a play-off be needed to decide the winner, it will continue to be played then. 

If the play-off cannot be completed by Sunday, it will be continued on Monday, September 23.

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