The final day in Copenhagen was another day with amazing conditions. A lot of people gathered along the shoreline at Tuborg Havn to see US One dominate the racing. If Rahm Racing had their moment of glory yesterday, this was definitely the day of Taylor Canfield and his crew.

“I´m so happy about this. We´ve had our ups and downs this week, but today we nailed it. Now we are going for a forth win in Helsinki in a couple of weeks, says Taylor. Rahm Racing and Wallen Racing ended up with the same points on the scoreboard, but Wallen racing got the second place due to a win in the last race of the regatta. Hans Wallen, the skipper of Wallen Racing says: “My brain is cooking. We got a chance to go for the second place and we did all we could to get there. Luckily we made it”.
Next event: Helsinki, Finland September 3rd – 6th. Until then follow news and updates on Facebook and m32series.com!

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