It was a historic moment for you in Mexico, how did it feel to be up on that podium?

It felt great! To have everyone up there with me in Foro Sol for the podium, people who have been with me since day one, was incredible. It was an emotional moment for my whole family, they are a big part of what I do every weekend on the racetrack and I am very pleased that we got the result for them too. It was a pretty intense week, it was hard to keep the focus and not be distracted by the people and intensity of the moment. 

  • Checo was the first Mexican in history to step on the podium at the Mexican GP.
  • The Brazilian GP will be Checo’s 210th career start, tying him with Austrian Gerhard Berger, the very first Formula One driver to be sponsored by Red Bull in the mid-1980s.
  • Checo has scored three consecutive podium finishes for the first time in his 11 seasons of Formula One.
  • Max won from pole in Brazil in 2019 and he has never been outqualified by a teammate at Interlagos.
  • Sao Paulo features one of the largest helicopter fleets on Earth, with people using them to avoid the traffic jams.  In 2014 it was reported that one jam extended for 344 kilometres!
  • Sao Paulo is the name of the city but also the state that surrounds it. City inhabitants are known as paulistanos, while those from the surrounding state are known as paulistas.
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