The thrilling action of the Round 2 IDEMITSU FIM Asia Road Racing Championship intensified at Zhuhai International Circuit, China, today as the TVS Asia One Make Championship kicked off with an electrifying Race 1.

When the race started, Hiroki Ono from Japan took charge of the race, leading the pack with Mohd Ramdan Rosli from Malaysia close behind in P2, followed by Md Muzakkir Mohamed in P3.

As the race progressed into the second lap, Hiroki maintained his lead while Ramdan held onto P2 but Riichi Takahira from Japan took a bold move, overtaking Ramdan to claim P2, with Muzakkir at P4.

The top four riders formed a front group, distancing themselves from the rest of the pack by at least a second.

By the sixth lap, Riichi Takahira had managed to secure P2, overtaking Ramdan. However, Ramdan fought back and reclaimed P2 as they entered the final two laps, setting the stage for a gripping battle between him and Hiroki.

With Ramdan tailing Hiroki closely, the tension heightened. However, in a heart-stopping moment on the final lap, Hiroki Ono maintained his composure and crossed the finish line in first position at 14’30:653s, securing a well-deserved victory for Japan.

Hiroki said, “In today’s qualifying, other riders were marking me, so it was difficult to time my time attack. The race got intense but I didn’t care and only focused on my riding. I’m happy that I was able to get pole position by a small margin on the last lap.”

“This was the first race of the weekend on dry tires, and I had no idea how it would turn out. It was a battle with Ramdan until the very end, but I’m glad I came out victorious. I will fight to win tomorrow’s race too, whether the track condition is dry or wet.”

Second place went to Ramdan who concluded the race at 14’30:773s, while Riichi finished clocked 14’31:877s to placed him at third spot on the podium.


TVS Asia One Make Championship

1. Hiroki Ono – Japan – 14’30:653s

2. Mohd Ramdan Rosli – Malaysia – 14’30:773s

3, Riichi Takahira – Japan – 14’31:877s

4. Md Muzakkir Mohamed – Malaysia – 14’40:200s

5. Vorapong Malahuan – Thailand – 14’46:836s


The second round of the IDEMITSU FIM Asia Road Racing Championship at Zhuhai International Circuit witnessed an intense battle in the Underbone 150cc category, with Race 1 delivering thrilling action and unexpected turns.

As the race commenced, Adytya Fauzi from RACETECH SIXTY Racing Team led the charge, closely pursued by Nazirul Izzat Md Bahauddin from UMA Racing YAMAHA Maju Motor Asia Team and Murobbil Vittoni from YAMAHA LFN HP969 INDONESIA Racing Team.

The race took a dramatic turn on the second lap when Farres Putra Mohd Fadhill of CARDINALS FACTORY RACING TEAM ARRC collided with Afif Amran of PitsBike OneWay JRT Tech2 Racing Team, altering the dynamics of the race.

Throughout the race, the lead changed hands frequently, with different riders racing their way to be in front. Dimas Juli Atmoko of One For All briefly seized the lead, followed by Gupita Kresna Wardhana of 4S1M EVO YAMAHA Racing Team, Nazirul, Adytya Fauzi of RACETECH SIXTY Racing Team, and Fazrul Sham of CARDINALS FACTORY RACING TEAM ARRC.

In a captivating finale, Gian Carlo Mauricio from UMA Racing MMR YAMAHA Philippines surged ahead on the final lap, clinching victory in a thrilling finish at 12’15:897s.

This victory watched Gian ended a 5-year wait since the last time Filipino won UB150 race through Mckinley Kyle Paz on 2019.

Gian expressed, “I didn’t expect to win! After 2 years, I finally made it to the top. All the plans were executed properly, that is why I could focus on displaying my skills as well as riding safely, and I managed to get this position without any error. No words can describe how I feel right.”

Gupita secured second place at 12’16:196s, closely followed by Md Akid Aziz in third at 12’16:266s.



1. Gian Carlo Mauricio – UMA Racing MMR YAMAHA Philippines – 12’15:897s

2. Gupita Kresna Wardhna – 4S1M Evo YAMAHA Racing Team – 12’16:196s

3. Md Akid Aziz – PitsBike OneWay JRT Tech2 Racing Team – 12’16:266s

4. Adytya Fauzi – RACETECH SIXTY Racing Team – 12’16:476s

5. M. Murobbil Vittoni – YAMAHA LFN HP969 INDONESIA Racing Team – 12’16:567s

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