# Selangor FA yet to give Zainal official termination letter

# ‘I want to move on’ – Zainal,

# Zainal has a contract with Selangor till end of 2017


By Rizal Abdullah

He is still on the FA of Selangor payroll and has an official contract till the end of the this year although his existing contract was “unofficially terminated” on Aug 6 last year after Selangor’s 1-0 defeat to Kedah in a Super League match.

The former international was further hot when his salary for November and December last year has not been paid and neither has been paid compensation terminating his job as Selangor head coach.

What irks Zainal is that he has been left in a lurch by the previous management – the management that was responsible for hiring him.

Selangor football is in turmoil and the Red Giants nearly pulled out from this year’s M-League when the state government made it clear that it will not fund the team for their M-League campaign.

Players have also voiced their disappointment that they have not been paid their salaries for the last two months. There was also promised of bonus for reaching the Malaysia Cup final last year.

Many of their key players have also left the team for greener pastures. Among those who have moved are Hazwan Bakri, voted the Most Valuable Player last year, Hafiz Kamal, R. Gopinathan, Faiz Mansor and Shahrom Kalam.

“I have not been given an official termination letter. All I know is that my services terminated after the match against Kedah and it came via text message which was shown to me by then assistant team manager Noor Hisham Gouth,” said Zainal.

“The ‘sack’ was on the instructions of FAS president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali. That was that and I was paid my salary until October. Now I have not been paid for the last two months.

“I am in a limbo because I am still tied down with Selangor by contract which is until the end of 2017. I want to move and want to coach again. However, until I am given an official termination letter I am in a bind,” added Zainal, who coached Pahang before moving to Selangor last year.

Zainal wants to settle his case with Selangor “amicably” and wants the Selangor management to be professional in the matter.

For the record Azmin and last year’s team manager Amirudin Shari have also quit the FAS recently.

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