Apology to FAS and Suresh Nair settles matter

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My apology to the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) with a gracious reply: 
1. On 22 June 2017, I published or caused to be published on my Facebook page and 2websites, the following articles (“the Articles”) relating to the Football Association of Singapore (“FAS”):

a. An article entitled “This is not fair play, FAS” on my Facebook page;
b. An article entitled “Tampines Rovers: Leaking resign-note is not fair play” on sports247.my; and
c. An article entitled “FAS ‘deliberate’ leaks on resign letter anger Tampines Rovers” on theindependent.sg.
2. The Articles contained statements that meant and were understood to mean:
(a) FAS had wrongfully revealed to the media a confidential email received from Mr Krishna Ramachandra (“Mr Ramachandra”) in order to embarrass Mr Ramachandra;
(b) FAS had acted dishonourably in wrongfully revealing confidential communications with Mr Ramachandra;
(c) FAS had betrayed Mr Ramachandra’s trust by wrongfully revealing confidential communications with Mr Ramachandra; and/or
(d) FAS had wrongfully revealed confidential communications with Mr Ramachandra in order to damage Mr Ramachandra’s reputation.
(collectively, the “Allegations”).
3. These Allegations are untrue and baseless, and I acknowledge that they have caused embarrassment and damage to the FAS.
4. I hereby unreservedly and unconditionally withdraw these Allegations and apologise to the FAS. I also unconditionally undertake not to repeat the same, or similar Allegations, in future, whether verbally or in writing. I have also agreed to pay damages and legal cost to FAS in respect of the matters arising from the above.  – By SURESH NAIR
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