The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has opened bids for the 2018 ITTF World Tour, the world’s most lucrative table tennis tour.

The 2018 ITTF World Tour is set to be the biggest and best World Tour in history with more prize money, better sports presentation and more TV distribution than ever before, and will be a fantastic way for cities and countries to promote themselves to the world.

ITTF’s President Thomas WEIKERT stated: “The ITTF is inviting all cities and countries around the world to get involved in the biggest tour in table tennis. The world’s best table tennis players playing in 12 events across the globe provides immense promotional and commercial value to cities. We are looking forward to working with all our hosts and partners to take the ITTF World Tour to the next level.”

The ITTF will continue to work hand in hand with World Tour sponsor Seamaster to develop the World Tour into a world leading sports property.

There are 12 ITTF World Tour events available for bidding in 2018, which are split into two tiers. Six ITTF World Tour Platinum events, which is the new top tier of the World Tour, and six regular ITTF World Tour events.

The six ITTF World Tour Platinum events will have higher prize money and be of a higher level event, which will ensure the world’s best players’ attendance, resulting in more international exposure for the hosts.

The top 16 male and female players from the 12 ITTF World Tour event will then qualify for the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals, which boasts the highest prize money for any table tennis event on the planet.

The ITTF World Tour has consistently been a great avenue for countries and cities to gain global reach, promotion and recognition as the below figures portray:

  • 20 TV broadcasters in 80 countries with 550 million potential reach in 2016;
  • 3,900 hours of the World Tour broadcasted, including 62.5 hours on China’s national broadcaster CCTV;
  • US$2.2 million in TV media value for the city of Berlin at the 2016 ITTF World Tour German Open;
  • 16 million video views of 2016 ITTF World Tour online videos;
  • Connection to ITTF’s 1.7 million social media fans;
  • 21% of the global population is interested in Table Tennis.

To become a part of the world’s biggest table tennis tour, which is only going to get bigger and better, go to to find out more information and submit your bid.

Bids close 31 March 2017, so be quick not to miss out!

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